YouTube​ Influencers could benefit seriously with looking at Network Marketing as a viable means to bring in  income and create a residual stream that is often times non-existent or meager compared to their uploads and views.

 Facebook has been a huge platform  for people with a desire to grow a successful network marketing business. People with huge followings on Youtube who are looking for residual income in addition to  brand deals, ad sense and amazon affiliate links would benefit greatly from looking at Network Marketing companies with congruent products to their channel as another income stream.

To give a comparison,  my Facebook profile had 3500 friends when I started in Network Marketing in 2013.  The first person I enrolled also had 3500 people.  We had 900 mutual friends still leaving a little over 6000 people to connect with and share the products and opportunity to.

We  intentionally promoted the products we loved and built our business by sharing with those 6000 people.  This helped us to earn multiple 6 figure incomes each.  A little disclaimer,  income levels can vary on by many different factors so there is no guarantee clearly that someone with a FB presence our sizes would grow like that. But I also know other people like us who have. The potential for a YouTube Creator with a decent audience to make significant money in Network Marketing is huge.

For Network Marketers interested in venturing into recruiting creatively outside of Facebook and Instagram, Youtube could be a viable platform.

For YouTube Influencers, Network Marketing could offer them the financial freedom and creative freedom they are looking for.

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