Women’s March New Hashtag #sexworkiswork Announcing ‘Crisis’ in Closing Backpage.com — Child Advocates Create Hashtags in Response!

Last week Backpage.com a website often associated with prostitution and the solicitation of underage girls for sex was shut down by federal authorities following an investigation by the FBI. According the the NY TIMES:

it featured ads that included what child advocates said were code words for underage girls, including “Amber Alert.”

Senator Heidi Heitkamp tweeted: “Today, Backpage was shutdown. It’s a huge step. Now no child will be sold for sex through this website,”

Rather than mentioning or supporting the protection of underage girls often being solicited on this site, the Women’s March responded with these following tweets:

In addition, the women’s march considers the closure a ‘crisis’ for sex workers. It would appear that they are using this hashtag to promote a different story #sexworkiswork. Clearly, the women’s march is planning on raising awareness in support of the low percentage of women who happily and willing dive into prostitution as a career choice, while ignoring the fact that this closure could potentially help eradicate advertising children and teens on the website who are enslaved through sex trafficking.

In light of the response, here are some additional hashtags child advocates have come up with to summarize what would be more appropriate than what the women’s march is promoting. In support of eliminating the business of children being sold via websites like Backpage.com these hashtags might be more impactful at helping to eradicate the abuse.

#sexworkexploitschildren #sexworkencourageskidnapping #sexworkenslaveschildren #childsrightsbeforepredators #sexworkischildlabor #sexworkbenefitspimps #underagesexworkisabuse #womenmarchingforexploitingchildren #freedomnotslaveryforchildren #childrensrightsfirst #womensmarchignoringchildrencrying

As the women march and plan on new ways to raise awareness in support of women choosing to work in the sex trade millions of people (many who are enslaved as women and children) are being exploited through the same industry.

For more statistics in regards to the real ‘crisis’ check out HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST.