When God Winks With Wintergreen Life-Savers

Grandma Ella took my hand into her white gloved Sunday 8:30 am service hands and walked me to the same spot in her church every single time. We sat on the left side of the church in the middle.  This was St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Rochelle, Illinois.  From about 1965-1979 I would spend frequent Sunday’s with her . I sat with her many times…listening to sermons and my fondest and most consistent memory is the fact that she always gave me the WINTERGREEN LIFE-SAVERS….the white kind…

1988 was the last time I was in St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Rochelle, IL. It was my grandmother’s funeral. My grandma Ella was a rock to me and a safe haven in so many ways. My mother was a single mother of 4 girls. I was the baby. My grandma was solace, peace and security to me. Her life-saver (so well named) was something I consistently was able to count on with those sunday visits.

This week, I took a walk back into the church. It was almost 30 years to the day since I buried grandma. My Mom (grandma’s daughter) is in hospice and it was a due diligence visit in anticipation to my mother’s funeral.   But there was also the security in knowing that my mother would have her funeral in the same place as Grandma Ella.

It was very emotional for me too when I noticed the big banner with Grandma Ella’s favorite scripture that she constantly repeated to me “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME” Ph 4:13.It was the scripture she gave me in a card on the day I left Rockford to move from NYC.  It was the scripture I have clung to and always thought of when I’ve struggled through life and the one that ALWAYS reminds me of her..

As we left the church we walked out the door and path I walked when I left Grandma’s funeral in 1988.

I took five steps on that path with my head down and lost my breath when I realized what was in my path ….a single wintergreen life-saver….in the middle of our path …NO other mint, candy, garbage on the path….

Sometimes heaven meets earth…grandma Ella always the encourager…reaching her hand out to her grand daughters to hand them a life-saver from Heaven, reminding us that GOD does guide our steps.

This was a super natural miracle orchestrated by the HOLY SPIRIT and it was POWERFUL.  My little girl heart was once again filled with the belief that I am strong enough the do anything and everything through Him…even saying goodbye one day to my sweet beautiful mother…HUMBLED…by it all…

But comforted in seeing the little white life-saver from heaven there to remind me that I am not alone.


Deanna Falchook is a marketplace minister. Mom of 8 kids (5 adopted internationally) and leader of a team of families in Network Marketing who run a business partnering with missionaries, pastors, adoptive families, people of faith by helping them set up a self-sustaining virtual online health and wellness franchises. She is passionate about what she does. seeing it as honoring scriptural truths in bringing the nutritional elements of the earth to people looking for an upgrade in their health. Offering them foods loaded with natural nutrients to build their bodies helps to sustain the BODY of kingdom builders on the mission field as well as families.