I wanted to talk about the definition of success and the images of success in NWM.

We are TOLD that success means rising to the top ranks of our companies, making the most money and  receiving the most recognition. The acquisition of super expensive cars and large ostentatious homes tends to be the stereorypical backdrop of ads for NWM and success coaches.

We live in America where things typically are big .I mean really big..

But does becoming the top earner in a company or the one with the most accolades really epitomize success.   Truly becoming the top income earner does epitomize that in some ways and reaching goals does as well.  So yes, you are successful in earning the most and accomplishing the most IF your definition is all about money, recognition and the acquisition of houses, cars, and expensive vacations.

NOW, what if your definition of success is something different.

I have been in NWM now for 4 years. I am an industry millionaire and have many awards in my trophy case. I also have watched as my first personally enrolled associate become a millionaire and several people in my team earn over 6 figures. BUT my team which represents tens of thousands of people, I think is more representative of the true success in NWM.  These people have accomplished their goals of paying for mortgages, putting their kids into private school, paying for physical therapy for their kids and adoptions…funding mission trips and paying for college for impoverished people in Uganda and Nicaraugua.

The images of mansions and expensive cars do not necessarily capture the visual of what today’s success in Network Marketing looks like. NOW there is nothing wrong with the cars or mansions but they imply that at the heart of NWM are people who value grandiose material acquisitions over simple and deep intangibles and quality connections and experiences.

Success can be defined in so many ways but what I have noticed is that the real nwm (not the airbrushed and photoshopped and pretending to own a mansion and TESLA NWM) is someone who wants financial, creative and time freedom over everything.

This is not always captured by a photo infront of a home in Beverly Hills.

And if we keep playing to the audience of people who we think wants  that…we will be losing out on enrollments and recruiting of the true lifeline of the new and real network marketers….these are people who see through the silk screen and filters of those pictures.

Let me tell you a couple of stories to sort of illustrate what I mean.

Prior to NWM I had a very successful entertainment company in NYC.

I worked hard to build my band up to earning about 30k a gig. My band played weddings for Michael Douglas and Catherine zeta jones, parties for Geraldo rivera, Jimmy Buffett, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart…many more…

The costs of these parties was about 500k to 2million per party. People in my industry (caterers, musicians, party planner )would be considered successful financially but not all of them were happy. I made great money but observed an emptiness within me…

The money and fancy places did not represent ultimate success to me.

I wanted freedom.. I had no freedom. I had to work …there was no residual income.

There was no time freedom and often there was no creative freedom..

Now during this time I purchased a huge home….I had the mansion….but when finances slipped and I left the industry of events…we were left with foreclosure and potential bankruptcy …we had no residual income and bought the mansion because it was an OLD dream of ours that we had actually grown out of.

When I was first introduced to NWM I didn’t want anything to do with it because of the fast talking, slick faced, expensive watch wearing, in front of a mansion, Tesla driving network marketer.

I DIDN”T WANT THAT…I am in awe at how many people still perpetuate this image in ads…gah…

The person introducing me to the products I love and the company I love, wasn’t like this I thought ‘hey I love the products, I love the idea of FREEDOM…let me give this a shot’…so I did..

I built a successful biz in a company that is filled with real people ….I became a millionaire and so did my first enrolled…and she has 15kids…kids with down syndrome, adopted kids….they live on 3 acres with a house that is valued at about 300k and have chickens and goats….

My goal is to purchase a home at about 300k CASH or almost fully ..or with a LOW mortgage and give it some upgrades (paid with cash) and save  my money for traveling with my family….my cars will always be nice..but I value experiences like annual Disney passes over the largest house on the block…

Now the cars, mansions, tropical exotic vacations are not a prob…but when it is set up as the standard of success in this business, it is a lie….because it doesn’t represent the REAL NETWORK MARKETER as I we are NOW…

Top millionaires and billionaires these days are simplifying.

People are living minimalistic lifestyles.

More and more people are drawn to NWM because of the freedom it offers and some come into the business because of their passion for products…

The definition of success varies of course but there is more of a standard of people who want to live debt free  over chasing ostentatious acquisitions…people are seeing success as legacy building which doesn’t come with over the top purchases or borrowing money to present an outdated image.

SO..what is your definition of success?

WHAT are you longing for?

Perhaps you have a bias against NWM because of the flashing images.

Think again.

What if you could make larger payments on your mortgage?

What if you could work from home and save money for vacation?

What if you could work from home and accomplish your personal goals of taking the family on vacation with no debt?

THIS is an excellent industry where you get to choose your own goals, your own acquisitions and your own definition of success.

Please join us and understand that you can visualize your success in the way you want to visualize it.  Anything is possible if you are willing to work for it…even chickens and goats with 15 kids running barefoot in the backyard..