THE NEW WAVE OF NETWORK MARKETING: Tattoos, Piercings and Blue Hair!

I don’t consider myself to be overly “IMAGE” conscious.

I hate to think of myself as somebody who judges people based on looks.

I grew up surrounded by creative types (writers, artists, musicians).

I spent most of my career as a singer and entertainer.


I stayed away from Network Marketing for years due to an ‘image’ and ‘visual’ of what I thought a typical Network Marketer looked like.

In every case, it was a slick guy ALWAYS in a suit with manicured hands and teeth that DINGED like a bell when he smiled.

The women all had big hair, lots of lipstick, were older and drove big cars.  I believed these ‘sales people’ in Network Marketing all lied because they had to distract us from the flaws in their products. AND they didn’t really care about the customer with the exception of repeat monthly orders and referrals.

When my friend introduced me to the business I am now in, she was wearing ripped jeans and had very little make up on.   She had a delicately pierced nose and met me at Starbucks.

I loved the products but the idea of being “IN” Network Marketing as a distributor or business owner was the last thing I wanted. I didn’t want to be transformed into the lady with the big hair (and no heart) or the man with the shiny and noisy teeth.

But it dawned on me that I was holding a bias and perhaps a lie.

What if Network Marketing had evolved?

What if the people weren’t stereotypical? What if I could have stains on my clothes or run a business while wearing my Daisy Duke cutoffs or LULU LEMON?

I started in my business in mid 2013 and made decision that I would build this business and take it all the way.

But I was not changing my style.

I built a team.

I stood on a stage training  an audience of 700 people about 7 months into my Network Marketing career – with Eric Worre.

I talked to the crowd and described some of my associates.

Phil drove  his motorcycle from San Antonio to Vegas with a Saxophone attached to attend the training.

I am in the small percentage of women on my team that does NOT have a tattoo.

My team has women with blue, red, and purple hair.

We have business builders of all ages …

We love fashion.  But we love to dress casually too….

We are the New Wave of Network Marketing

We do not fit the stereotype of what most people see as the image of the typical Network Marketer.

This New Wave of Network Marketers emerged in the past several years.  Any stereotype would be a lie.  

The industry has been been validated with a diverse group of  people are seeing the benefit of working from home.

FREEDOM appeals to people who like to die their hair purple and shaved on one side.

FREEDOM appeals to people who want to take motorcycle road trips with their guitars and saxes bungeed on the back of their ride. 

FREEDOM appeals to moms who want to draw with sidewalk chalk while  working at home with their kids.

FREEDOM appeals to everyone …..

One day I caught a glimpse of myself on the way out to grab a much needed gallon of milk. I had to laugh.  I was conditioning my hair with coconut oil.  I wore my Versace Sunglasses (as if nobody would notice who I was). Grabbed my Louis Vuitton purse and headed to the grocery store.  I LOOKED RIDICULOUS! But I was FREE….The very fact that I could BE WHO I WANTED TO BE and look how I wanted to be in that very moment = FREEDOM.

I took a few calls on the way to the store and earned some money between the time I left my house and returned.

I am determined to bring truth to this industry.  Since saying yes to this business, I have been able to travel, dream again, work on creative projects that I had buried and share my heart and truth with so many people.

I have FREEDOM.  Time Freedom. Financial Freedom and  Creative Freedom.

This is a freedom industry.

This NEW WAVE of Network Marketing is something that people are praying for, longing for, looking for. But too many are still seeing the guy with the shiny and noisy teeth in their minds.  It is up to you to bring them a new image and cast a vision to them that is accurate and fresh and not a stagnant lie embedded in their memory.  Show them images of your friends in the industry (see my STORIES IN MY POCKET post for a great recruiting tip).

If you are someone who has wanted that freedom but stayed away from this industry because of an old image that doesn’t represent those of us with teams of people piercings, pink hair and tattoos,  reconsider talking to your friend who loves you enough to have introduced you to his/her favorite thing.   Don’t let a lie keep you away from your freedom.

AND if you are someone in Network Marketing who has shrunk to fit by dressing the way you think you are ‘supposed to’ and not in your own style,  now would be a great time to break out your favorite jeans and guitar.   The industry is singing a new song and it isn’t the one that is trying to morph you into something you aren’t.   Soak in this new wave and ride it into your success just as you are…no need for the big hair (unless you like it), 3 piece suit and sleeves to cover up your tattoo…..Wear it proudly…you are welcome to be who you are in this industry…


Work at Home as a Mompreneur