The Dirty 4-Letter Word Network Marketers Hate to Say!

I’ve had my own business in the Network Marketing industry for 4 years now.  But I will never forget the first time I heard a top network marketer say, “I don’t like sales. I hate sales. We don’t sell, we share!”

Hold the phone! Shut the F%$& up!


I couldn’t believe I actually heard this guy say that he hates sales and yet he was a top incomer earner in the company.  In all honesty, I thought it was BS.

My mind went on this tangent.  I thought, “if he hates sales so much he should look at the fact that he has earned 4 million dollars SELLING STUFF!”

I then spent the next few years hearing people repeat what this guy said.  I also heard other top network marketers refuse to claim the word …SELL or SALES.

I understand why they say they SHARE rather than SELL.  But they don’t stop to think of how damaging and ludicrous that is. I love sharing too but at the end of the day if they buy what I’m sharing, it’s a sale.

What they are trying to say is that they hate the STYLE of the stereotypical sales person in network marketing.  That we don’t sell things THAT WAY.

Refusing to use the word “sell” and “sales”and telling potential customers, “we hate sales too,”  puts us in the same category as that sleezy guy who stereotypically also SELLS stuff. We hate that guy because he lies to people. He uses choice words to manipulate people to buy his product. But then we go ahead and lie to people and use choice words to convince people to buy our products by lying to them and using the word SHARE instead of SELL because we think they will like the word better.

This makes us the equivalent of ‘THAT SLEEZY SALES GUY!”

I love sales and I love that I get to help people by introducing them to products that I stand by.   I am not that manipulative person. I am not someone who pitches things to people because I’m trying to just meet a quota. I love people. I love the products I sell and use them myself. I share stuff, I love! At the end of the day if my friends buy it, that means I sold it to them.  Thus, I am a sales person.

Stop being fake and stop lying to people! YOU SELL STUFF…..

We are in the most amazing industry in the world where we get to have freedom with time and money.   We get to work from home.  We get to choose which company and products we want to represent.  We get to be excellent customers with the companies that create products we love.

Personally, I am owning the word and refusing to attach negativity to it.  Check out my recent podcast above.  I have a little more to say on the subject.