WAKE UP! Things are not the same as they were in 2013 or 2007 or 1987!

We are living in a personality driven and social media influencer environment in Network Marketing.

The problem is that many companies haven’t adjusted their systems or departments to reflect this.

An influencer can be a person with as little as 2000 people on a Facebook page.  It can be someone with decent and consistent engagement. Sales are sped up due to the quick access to dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people instantaneously.   There are influencers looking for ways to monetize their blogs, videos, instagram accounts.

 And Network Marketing companies could boost sales by partnering with these people with already built in NETWORKS.

I came into the business with 3500 Facebook friends. The first person I enrolled had the same. Together we only had 900 people who were mutual.  But we were able to build a massive income and a team that is huge.

My background was that of a bandleader and musician. My friend was savvy at media and a NFP director.  We both had media background and ZERO Network Marketing experience. But huge networks even outside of Facebook.

My prediction and gut feeling is that the companies in Network Marketing who understand buying trends of people online and social influence will dominate in the industry. DUH?  But while this seems elementary, most companies THINK they are progressive when they are not.

I will also guess that the first company   (even with a half baked product) who grasps reform in mindset and embraces the influencers and creative talent with huge networks,  willover sell those who do not update the social media training and compliance rules.

 There also needs to be education to the old school top income earners who tighten the reins on the creative process of their associates online.

I am in no way saying for people to work out of compliance. But compliance also needs to be forgiving and understanding of the distributor base.  If we are seeing more NEW Network Marketers due to the influx of people coming in from their connections on FB, Instagram and Pinterest etc.,  there needs to be a marriage of decent education to new associates/distributors.

The majority of today’s NWM superstars are NOT veteran Network Marketers. Therefore, the industry either recognizes that and adapts or continues to be working with rules written for a small percentage of their distributors.

LINKS are being used frequently for sales. Sales are moving faster and consumers are looking for more convenience in the buying process.  Ignoring reform in compliance will slow down sales too IMHO.  For example, if someone is the first person to attempt recruiting via a new social media platform and their actions appear to be out of compliance, how can that new associate even know if they’ve crossed the line if there has never been a precedent set.  How can we discover how to recruit on Pinterest or via podcasting if we don’t try? This may look messy or unsuccessful at first.

Media is moving fast…

Grace needs to be shown.

In addition, social media trail blazers need to help educate their company.  Because it is so hard to keep up with the landscape, conversations need to be had. Misinformation of what’s allowed  is given and therefore the hands sometimes get tied on the people creating large audiences online.  So, sales become limited.  When the creative process and voices of these influencers is discouraged then the companies will stand to fall behind in profits.


There are reasonable limitations on what these influencers should or could say…clearly brands need to be promoted not misrepresented.  And misinformation or noncompliant language that could be detrimental to the company or product with false claims should not be said.  But there is always balance.

The  problem is that not every leader or every company is ready, willing and able to be transformed or even informed.  So, they can strong arm these influencers or from their associate base from attracting influencers based on the discouragement to blaze a trail online.

In the end,  the best advice I have to Network Marketing companies looking to increase sales is to …be open and flexible.  Understand the landscape of the social media field. Make this a priority.  Put more money into advanced training.  Consult with attorney’s and experts who have experience with ‘personalities and creative content.’  Be willing to explore old clauses to create new ones.   Maintain tried and true messaging.  But do not be deceived into believing that things are the same.  They are not the same as they were. Your associates/distributors are not the same people.  You now have leaders more experienced with building an audience on social media than being an expert in network marketing industry basics.

It’s time to adapt. Change! Adjust in the areas you have overlooked or not considered essential to reform for growth.

Be bold..Be the first to question the boiler plate.  Be the company that leads the industry in being holistically ahead of the curve in ALL DEPARTMENTS.

Watch your sales grow.  And watch others follow the new systems you have created.

I would love to have you work with me.