The best sports bras support during work outs

The 7 Best Sports Bras Where The Pads Don’t Crumple Up

Best Sports Bras on Amazon
The 7 Best Sport Bras Where the Pads Don’t Crumple Up

So,  I lost 42lbs and started working out.

Also,  I actually didn’t even think about sports bras or have a conversation with friends on the subject until after I started working out.

Now I’m running like a rock star after fueling my body right and getting into the position to actually have the stamina get a work out in 5xs or more a week.

Then, the sports bra thing became a problem.  Do you double up with an actual bra?

Do you wear only one?

What if the one bra doesn’t support you?

Apparently, it depends on your work out.

I run, row and do weights and calisthenics.

I now have the sports bra thing under control and wanted to share my personal favs.

AND the important thing to me is that the pads must not go rogue( if you opt for a bra with a pad at all).

So rather than have to spend 20 minutes re-positioning the crumpled up pads that have shifted in the wash…I wanted to give you my most recommended bras that DO NOT get crumply…. here you go…


The Champion’s Women’s Bra is a comfortable racerback bra with full support with 4-Way Stretch

Syrokan Women’s High Impact Sports Bra is comfortable and offers amazing support without wires

The NIKE 375833 Pro compression fit offers medium support for a variety of activities and workouts

Zerlar’s Women’s Cross-Back Double layer seamless compression bra is designed for med/high impact

PUMA WOMEN’S Yogini Bra – Comfortable and Cute …size up for best fit



Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra – Love the bottom band and adjustable fit



Lululemon Blurry Belle Bra has pockets for Removable cups that you can adjust for size



Ok, so check out those bras to be able to optimize your work-out and not have to worry about crumpling cups and double upping on bras.

Every now and then I like to share stuff with my friends and have deep meaningful conversations like this one.

  If you have a favorite bra or tip for sport bras please feel free to message me ….

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