Queen Appoints Prince Harry’Youth Ambassador’ But He Never Visits Alfie Evans!

On April 16th, Prince Harry was appointed Commonwealth Youth Ambassador by Queen Elizabeth. The American born future wife of Prince Harry’s (Meghan Markle) will also be appointed ambassador for the charity after her marriage to the Prince on May 19th. According to the website  60% of the world’s population is under 30.The charity aims to support leaders under the age of 30 who fight for the injustices of the world and battle to create lasting change to help children live to their full potential.

In addition the charity follows a few tenants and goals. The following points are highlighted on their website:

“Creating bright hope for vulnerable children,’ along with “And helping children live to their full potential.” And “Sometimes the world’s problems are so big we feel we can do little to help on our own and we cannot end or wipe out injustice. Small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine.”

This past month we watched a real life drama unfold in front of our eyes as Tom Evans (age 21) and Kate James (age 20) battled for the life and freedom of their sick 23 month-old son Alfie Evans. Alfie Evans was admitted to Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool in December of 2016. The parents and hospital clashed regarding treatment and in the end were not given legal permission for alternative treatment.  On the same exact day that Prince Harry received this appointment to ‘help children live to their full potential,” Tom and Kate lost a court case and were refused a legal right to offer their son help in Italy. Alfie died on April 28th.

The Youth Ambassador’s mother was known to place the best interests of children above everything:

“Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and essential part of my life – a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.” Princess Diana

For weeks after the Youth Ambassador was appointed we watched two amazing young parents exemplify true nobility and dignity in a war to keep their young son alive. They shouted out repeatedly for help. The world shouted out for help for the vulnerable Alfie.  Alfie’s parents are exemplary young adults clearly worthy of being ambassadors in their own right. As they fought for the life of their son and begged for the right to allow him to live to his full potential, the royal family and newly appointed Youth Ambassadors (Prince Harry) remained silent.

Prince Harry’s mother  regularly visited pediatric hospitals in the UK and this is what she said about her visits:

“I make the trips at least three times a week, and spend up to four hours at a time with patients holding their hands and talking to them. Some of them will live and some will die, but they all need to be loved while they are here. I try to be there for them.”  

It is hard to imagine Princess Diana  sitting idly by in silence as Alfie Evans struggled to live as his impressive young parents cried out for justice.

Tom and Kate continued to scream for help as Youth Ambassadors made no visits or phone calls. The contrast of wedding plans for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (newly appointed Youth Ambassadors) within earshot of calls for justice for a 23 month-old baby is revealing and puzzling.

The royal family is typically silent on issues of politics. But their  lack of response to this very humanitarian issue is concerning and possibly threatens to throw a wet blanket on the bright light of what the royal family could have been in this season. Princess Diana was one of the most beloved child advocates in the history of Britain. Prince Harry and his future wife had an opportunity to live up to Diana’s legacy in calling out for justice for a vulnerable child and his very impressive parents.  Imagine how incredible the story would have been, had Prince Harry at least made a visit to show some love and concern for this family. Considering his role as youth ambassador, one has to wonder how Alfie, Tom and Kate were exempt from the advocacy of the royal family, especially considering the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust clearly emphasizes “creating bright futures for vulnerable children.”

Princess Diana also said: “It’s vital that the monarchy keeps in touch with the people. It is what I try and do.”

In the meantime, while the world was shouting for intervention, Alfie died and the royals kept busy making plans over linen, cutlery and hem lengths on wedding dresses. The country now anticipates the excitement in celebrating along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Meanwhile, Tom Evans and Kate James grieve the loss of their child while remaining impressive portraits of poise, grace, dignity and heroic love more than any British royal in this season.   Nobility is not always something you earn through marriage or birth. If anyone has earned global respect from their relentless, classy and majestic battle for truth it is Alfie’s parents. It remains to be seen whether the Queen’s new Youth Ambassadors will step up to lend a hand for the justice of future vulnerable children like Alfie who deserve to ‘live up to their potential.’ It clearly wasn’t exhibited in the case of Alfie Evans. Unfortunately, many experts predict there will be more cases to test the socialized medicine system in the UK. One would hope the Youth Ambassadors would consider keeping some of their focus on the children in their own back yard and live up to the memory of their mother.  One can only imagine that Alfie finally was able to gain some comfort from an ambassador in heaven where Princess Diana was no doubt waiting to give him a hug.  Too bad his parents couldn’t witness a visit while Alfie was still alive.



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