I turned to my teenage son.  He told me we could order dinner from Uber Eats. They would only charge an extra $5 for delivery.

I said “Done, let’s do it. Mama doesn’t want to cook or go out.”

At Christmas this year (like so many people), I ordered gifts from Amazon to be delivered to my door.  I don’t like crowds. It would appear that my love for door-to-door delivery in all things from Christmas gifts to food is becoming a common preference for so many people.

Retailers are feeling the exodus from the cash registers.

More than 3000 retail stores have closed or projected to close in 2017.

They include JC PENNEY, MACY’s, SEARS, RUE 21, ABERCROMBIE, THE LIMITED and so many more. Our buying habits have changed. We like to shop for gifts and clothes online.

AND we are wanting more convenience in our food as well.

Bloomin Brands best know as the corporation in charge of Carrabba’s, Outback and  Ruby Tuesdays are closing 43 stores due to low performance.  Applebee’s, Chilli’s, Buffalo Wild Wings are struggling as well.  And people are opting to eat at home more often with prepared meals delivered to our door.

McDonalds has closed almost 1000 stores in 2016 as well. Many people are ordering pre-made meals or having groceries delivered. Even Amazon delivers groceries via Uber in some communities.

GNC’s $433.4 million fourth-quarter loss, marking the end of a dismal 2016 that saw a 64 percent decline in the Pittsburgh health supplement retailer’s share price was a head turner. GNC’s consolidated revenue of $2.54 billion was a 5.3 percent drop from 2015’s $2.68 billion. Increased competition, confusing pricing and promotions, and a general perception by consumers that its products were too expensive — led to a precipitous drop in the stock the past 18 months.  (read more here – from source).

GNC’s 64% decline in sales has caused them to close 100 stores.

In addition,  Whole Foods has seen over a 2% dip in 2016 leading to the closing of 9 stores and an evaluation on the buying habits of consumers discovering that health conscious individuals are opting for online ordering and door to door delivery.

In the meantime, there is massive growth in the natural food industry.  Demand for organic food in 2017 is at its highest in more than a decade. Significantly, sales of organic produce appear to be rising across all sectors, not just fruit and vegetables. An increasing number of consumers are buying high grade whey proteins, dairy free meal replacements, fruits, and powdered greens that are practical and easily supplemented by adding water as a drink or shake (or to cooking).

But experts said price was still a major factor in switching to organic food. But people are also willing to pay for the convenience.

In fact the growth of health and wellness consummable products is expected to reach a trillion in sales in 2017.  The convenience, innovation and demand for probiotics and foods highly supplemented with nutrients is a driving factor.  Some companies, are leveraging their positioning by blending the convenience of online ordering and door to door delivery with the demand for high-grade superfoods.


I started ordering my superfoods and health foods door to door in 2013 when I signed up as a preferred customer with Isagenix. I was getting tired of doing massive research before I headed to the Health Food Store to piece meal my supplements together. In addition,  I enjoyed the systemization of the way Isagenix put energy and performance systems together.


Door to door delivery of our health foods has been a MUST in our house.  Our kids always have healthy breakfasts of shakes and head off to school with their protein bars as well as powdered greens and fruit packs for their lunches.    It is important to me as a Mom that my kids get the best nutrition possible. Too many children start the day off with foods loaded with sugar or heavy carbs and no proteins.  They also can easily become dehydrated in school (I will save that for another post).

A few years from now we may see a massive decline in brick and mortar stores.  Companies who are already ahead of the curve with door to door delivery will have an advantage.  Drone delivery isn’t far off in our future.  I am glad to see more and more health food companies creating sustainable and deliverable healthy meals. So, the next time you are shopping for a retail delivery online consider researching companies like Isagenix to fill your pantry with health foods. You may find that the nearly 30% off retail pricing as a preferred customer and convenience of nutritional systems beats standing in the aisle getting a headache over the 15 choices of vitamin D.

In the future it will be more common to have a drive up package than a drive thru window.  I look forward to that. In the meantime,  my weekly packages of superfoods is keeping this family healthy and that is top priority to a family like ours.


I get to work from home. You should join me!