?Will You Keep CLIMBING To Get To The Top?? Network Marketing Mountains and Valleys!?


I like even surfaces.

My treadmill is always set to the incline of 1.

I hate climbing.

I do like to go fast (but on even surfaces).


I may be allergic to pushing.

When I was being birthed, my mother said they had to use forceps.  I came out face first because I was already curious about the world outside.  I am a person that seems to like to view things from different angles.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a visionary leader.

When I gave birth to my two kids, I pushed for 3 hours and still couldn’t push the babies out without assistance.  I ended up with two C-Sections.

There are people like my friend Tracy who thrives on pushing toward her goals and loves to conquer anything with a slope.

I like to win! I expect to be on the top!

But I don’t marvel or look forward to the climb.

I love to stand on top of the mountain and gaze upon the valley below.  I love the feeling of the wind blowing through me from several feet below me. I love to visually soak in the world miles out in the horizon while turning to see it from all different directions.

In getting more mature and more refined, I have had to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

Viewing God’s Creation in all its glory=strength

Climbing= weakness

A determination to look at a beautiful scene with my eyes and my unique perspective is what drives me.

SOOO when I climb a mountain,  the only way I am getting there is to know the reward will be the VIEW and a peaceful breathing in of God’s majesty at the top.  I’m motivated by vision.

I ran to the top of my Network Marketing company.  It wasn’t a climb.  It was a burst of success due to a strong vision.

 I enjoyed the top, looking out at what God had created.  And then I slipped back down in my business.   I sat on that mountain without moving because I was in awe at how far I had come and how far the valley was behind me. I kept visualizing how awesome the journey was. But you cannot stay on top of the mountain. You have to reach your destination which means ‘coming back down’ and continuing on the path.  I’ve realized an amazing lesson regarding business building and success since moving off of that mountain.

I have two very successful and ‘well climbed’ friends.  Tracy is an incredible leader and raced to the top of the company making it look effortless. She has grit and muscles gained from being on her knees in prayer during her struggles in her past. With each tear of her spiritual muscle she grew stronger.   Tracy led us up that mountain in Phoenix.  My request was to climb a hill that was more horizontal than vertical. Tracy chose a vertical mountain labeled (“not for the novice”-I was a novice).

She kept telling me “you’ll be fine.”

 I trusted her leadership! I believed her!

Cory was pretty much neck in neck with Tracy on the climb. She was right behind Tracy and conquered each obstacle like a trouper.

I had to take breaks and was in disbelief at the vertical climbs.  Each time I saw a steep incline that looked intense, I had to stare at it for 5 minutes catching my breath while wondering how I would ever make it to the top to see the expanse of God’s horizon.

Tracy and Cory didn’t think, ruminate or evaluate, they climbed.

But I climbed, crawled and made it to the top while evaluating and ruminating all the way.

Tracy climbed the mountain like she built her business

(fast, intuitively and without stopping).

Cory encouraged me and occasionally looked back to check on my status. She had no problem keeping up with Tracy.

I stopped often and evaluated. I was told that heading down the mountain was easier.


Tracy knew it was not easier.

When we arrived at the top of the mountain I was in awe at God’s wonder and forgot about the obstacles. I prayed! I soaked in God’s presence, I saw things that I am sure nobody else on the mountain noticed.  I recognized the flower growing in the rocks.  I found a makeshift memorial of stones.  I saw a condom wrapper…LOL.   I looked out at the view and was so happy to look out at the miraculous horizon that God had created.   I was feeling a sense of euphoria at what I had accomplished.

Tracy was our  sherpa…. It was time to head DOWN THE MOUNTAIN.

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When one thinks of mountain metaphors we think of the mountain representing success (pinnacle, summit, top). The climb to get there is told in stories of  struggle and tragedy.  We believe the descent is easier without an oppositional force pushing us away from our goal. In fact the oppositional forces of gravity is working in our favor as we head down (we think). But it is also that oppositional force that pushes us down…with great speed sometimes.

When we think of the valley we think of the struggles in that valley. When we look up to the top of the mountain we see it as our ultimate goal.

On my way down the mountain God spoke to me.

I had a foot injury a couple of years prior to the climb and a knee that is at times unpredictable.

The climb down the mountain for me was brutal. I crawled down the mountain and squatted for a mile and a half (great for the glutes).  Tracy and Cory cruised down …never squatting or stopping.  I fell a few times hoping they didn’t notice. They didn’t notice the times I really crashed and burned.  I didn’t want them to know.

I had a thought about the reality of the mountaintop not being my goal in life and how our mindset is confused on the subject.

When I almost made it to the bottom, I was ecstatic…God spoke to me.  He told me this.

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” There are two valleys.  My valleys are not how you have perceived them to be.  Valleys often are flourishing and the place my people have set as their homes. They had to travel away from a valley of pain and suffering that they wanted to leave behind. Their goal and final destination was never the top of the mountain, it was the second valley.  Their goal was to get through the mountain. There is a valley past the mountain that is flourishing… you believe the only way to get there is to struggle and push and claw. But I’ve told you to pass through the mountain by having faith to tell it to fall at your feet.   When you come off of this mountain you will find a second valley. It is beautiful….EASY.  Sometimes you will be able to run through it, up to it…and other times, the journey from the mountain to the 2nd valley can be filled with an intense climb and falling down into it…but you’ve always had the power to avoid the struggle and simply level it. Level the MOUNTAIN!”

Then the Lord  reminded me of a scripture….

Comfort for God’s People

ISAIAH 40 1-5

1Comfort, comfort my people,

says your God.

2Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,

and proclaim to her

that her hard service has been completed,

that her sin has been paid for,

that she has received from the Lord’s hand

double for all her sins.

3A voice of one calling:

“In the wilderness prepare

the way for the Lorda ;

make straight in the desert

a highway for our God.b

4Every valley shall be raised up,

every mountain and hill made low;

the rough ground shall become level,

the rugged places a plain.

5And the glory of the Lord will be revealed,

and all people will see it together.

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The goal isn’t always to reside on the top of the mountain forever.  The goal is to be on the path moving forward. To get in the game. To choose the adventure and journey. The climbing up and the falling down will sometimes happen.  But it is not necessarily an inevitable or absolute step in your journey to success. You can be successful without the strife and drama of the climb. You can level it!

You do need to move forward to escape the first valley. That valley was not your destination..you longed for something better than that first valley. Getting to your final HOME and destination takes work too. But there are ups and downs in the journey of life, but there is also a leveling off.  The journey includes the ups and downs of mountains and valleys but the ultimate point is “forward motion.”

God allows us to rest in valleys on a lake to gaze up to the beauty of His eye-candy called CREATION.  The lake in the valleyand the mountains surrounding it are magnificent. The mountain feeding the people of the valley as the streams flow into it as the seasons change, is miraculous.  The animals running to the valley to find the life source of water is beautiful.

Flowers, crops and homes are built in the valley.

YES, we strive to be on top of the mountain…but being on top could mean a lifting up or leveling off into a straight path of success.  We don’t  have to struggle on the adventure. But we have to keep moving forward. And we have to be willing to climb if you need to.  The moving up and down will be different for everyone but the moving forward is the guaranteed way to find your way to the destination.

Climbing is at times part of the process.

God’s grace can pull the mountain down and the valley up.

But with that said the second valley will always be higher than the first one. It may even be higher and easier than the first mountain.

Are you moving forward? Or have you stopped taking steps?

I learned my lesson on a mountain that was “not for the novice.” I started my business as a novice too and found success. I keep moving forward through mountains, around them and sometimes up them.

My business was a burst of success.  There was very little climbing.

Hard work! Action..yes!

I stayed on the mountain so amazed FROZEN in awe of how far I had come.  But this business is about forward motion.  You must take a step forward…sometimes that means coming off of the mountain to find the 2nd valley.  My journey has taken so much falling down and crawling and climbing to make my way to the ultimate valley of the straight, narrow and supernatural speedway that God has created for me NOW in my business.

I never stopped moving forward. It wasn’t about the valley or the mountain….this business is an adventure that required my willingness to ride the waves and keep moving on the journey.  I was willing.  I didn’t stay on the bottom of the mountain.  I said YES to whatever path it took to get me to the top and to my ultimate destination.  I will always move forward in this journey. Somedays, it will be me climbing up to the mountain in my way…evaluating inclines for 5 minutes but moving forward nonetheless.

Continue to move FORWARD and you will be surprised at how HIGH up you move in the ranks of your business.  Look at your business as you being on a path.  The path has all different levels and the incline often won’t be noticed until you get to the second valley and realize by looking back that the second valley actually was a higher summit than the first mountain.

Do not give up…

Crawl, climb, fall, walk, sing, run, use your nails,

yell in anger at your friends, laugh, cry with them,

let them cheer you on,

look at the view…but never stop the forward motion.


This journey is not always about how HIGH you are going.

It is about how FAR you are going.

Are you willing to keep moving forward so you can get to a place far away from the places and things that no longer serve you in life?

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When I made my way back to Tracy at the bottom of the mountain, I had one thought.

Perspective is everything.

The realization of who I was, where I was and what this path meant to me was invaluable.

My friend who I trust and my friend who would never lie to me , said “you’ll be fine. “

This was a bold-faced lie!

   I was better than fine.

 I was GREAT!

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