I am the mother of 7 kids (plus a son-in-law) .   My family was created via birth and adoption. At the heart of who I am and WHY I work with my awesome nutrition company is the fact that we want to help see the numbers of orphans living in this world dwindle to zero.  Since adopting our first child in 2005 we have watched that number of 143million orphans increase to 163 million.

The orphan crisis is the #1 Human Rights tragedy in our lifetime, in my honest opinion.  Adoption is amazing. But adoption will not solve this problem for every child.   Our mission is to transform this planet for optimal health and wellness so that children will not be without parents at all.   We are passionate about nutrition. We are also passionate about teaching  mission minded individuals the skillset to potentially earn a generous income so they can take care of their adopted families while giving back to their global causes.

We have a goal of creating 100 Orphan Loving Millionaires and have already created 2 in the past 3 1/2 years.

Check out our Adoptagenix page and learn more about how you can become involved in helping us to create ‘healthy and prosperous forever families’. It is as simple as setting up an online account and ordering your vitamins and superfoods there instead of the local health food store……



I would love to find out more about joining  your team of “Healthy and Prosperous Forever Families”