Some things in life you can’t control.  Some things you can work on and totally learn to control.

Your mindset is one of them.

I firmly believe that the biggest obstacle to massive success is a lack of belief and glitches in your mindset.  The good news is that we can totally learn to become more self aware of our negative inner voice and the repetitive scripts from childhood or traumatic experiences that continue to rule our minds, emotions and actions even years after the initial experience.



Pay attention to your inner dialogue.  Are you doubtful?  Are you motivated more by fear in your life rather than love?

Are you striving daily and feel like you need to perform and gain accolades in order to be valued?

Are you so consumed with success that you forget to be attentive to those around you?

Are you the opposite, failing to strive at all due to a belief that you will never get ahead?

Are wounds and hurtful actions of others making you develop a victim mentality?

All of these questions when answered and explored can help us to live a freer and happier life.  We will be exploring frequently via book studies, bible studies and blog posts.  I hope you will join me in the journey to get rid of the mindset lies and pursue a LIFE LIVING IN THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER…you deserve it!

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