Is There Rubbernecking in Your Network Marketing Business?


You know the expression, ‘rubbernecking?’

It means ‘morbid curiosity.’  The expression is used when traffic slows down because people are looking at the accidents at the side of the road.  They are cruising along the highway and then an accident occurs and even though the highway remains available to them as the accident is moved to the side of the road,  people stare and the traffic slows.

Your Network Marketing business is often called a ‘vehicle’ to your financial freedom or time freedom.  Or it is the vehicle that could transform your life.

The word ‘traffic’ is used as well to describe the flow of leads and business that comes into your business center. Flow and momentum is expected to come as you flow with the traffic in that vehicle.  But if you are like me, you started cruising very fast and put a lot of mileage on that vehicle and may notice some ‘rubbernecking’ or slowing down along the way.

The first time my traffic slowed down, I freaked out. I watched the leads slow down and my income roll back a little.  I was new to Network Marketing.

I had great success and my success was even miraculous.  My vehicle cruised along like a well oiled machine faster than 99% of the vehicles.  I was unstoppable and then there was a slowing down and confusion as to why we slowed down.  Then the rubbernecking began.

I started to look at other people who had surpassed my success…this slowed me down.

I started to look at my mistakes…this slowed me down.

I started to question my ability to go all the way…this slowed me down.

I stopped believing and slowed down.

I became so excited with how far I had come that I kept looking behind and stopped keeping my eye on the road ahead.

I started questioning whether the vehicle I was in was good enough.

Maybe I was a bad driver….


There are many things that can cause you to ‘rubberneck’ in your network marketing business but I have discovered some ways to get the traffic moving at a solid pace once again.


    One thing most of us know about running or racing is that turning to the left or right, or looking back, will slow you down.  If you start to be more concerned with where others are on the track, you will totally lose your rhythm and momentum.

    I had been cruising along and then took my lead for granted and started becoming hyper focused on the success of others in my business who were also doing well.  This got me off track. I was seriously rubbernecking my business.  This is not good.  Stay focused on what you do well and run your business at a solid and steady pace by remaining focused on your personal goals and not the accomplishments of others.


    It is so easy to become distracted by other people’s dramas.

    Don’t slow down and be the one causing the rubbernecking by paying too much attention to fender benders and collisions by team mates. Your energy should be spent on moving forward at all times. We move forward by recruiting others into our business. When team mates rely on us to pick up their messes or resolve ‘no fault’ accidents,  we are taking our eyes off of the road and therefore RUBBERNECKING.

    Supporting your team does not mean enabling.

    Leading your team does not mean you become a couch potato at their pity party. If they want to get sidelined by drama…don’t rubberneck it.  Maintain your focus on the road ahead.


The easiest way to become roadkill is to get out of a vehicle on a speedway.   Don’t ever give up in your business.  Do not ever stop working this business because of some fascinating distraction going on outside of the vehicle you are in.

Don’t get out of your vehicle because you have lost faith. Keep moving ahead and listen to some inspirational MINDSET SHIFTING MP3s…while you still cruise along.


Choose a business with a track record of winners.  Choose a vehicle that has a support team that knows how to get you into the front of the race.   Do not enter a business/vehicle where there is no track record of success and the leadership has never run a race before.

IS the company you are in seeing forward momentum?

Are their numbers in sales increasing?

Has leadership put the best and most expensive parts into the vehicle you are in?  Are they training you how to be a better driver?

If you find that your vehicle is puttering along and was designed poorly then you may have picked a poor vehicle to begin with. Your success will come much faster if the actual business you have chosen has a foundation and ENGINE that is first class and tended to by the best designers and mechanics.

The best way to stop rubbernecking and looking at other amazing vehicles on the sidelines, is to get in the very best car to begin with and LOVE THE VEHICLE YOU ARE IN.

Do not let other business opportunities tempt you out of a fast car.

People who are in slow vehicles that are not accelerating often will stare at other storefronts along side of the road,  RUBBERNECKING.


I will never forget when I was told that part of my goal in Network Marketing was to build a team.  I was told that I was supposed to help, support, guide my team to growing their business.

I spent awhile extremely focused on the growth of others to a fault.  While it is important to build a team by sharing your expertise, there are pitfalls to the process if you do not have clear perspective.

You are a race car and not a tow truck.

If your team wants to race along side of you or even surpass you,  make sure to show all of the support they want and need…..IF THEY ARE IN THE RACE.

The problem with rubbernecking into support of those on the sidelines is that it will totally mess up your momentum if you give it as much focus and importance as the race itself.

If you have given your team the 911 (who to call) and if they know the road and have the GPS (your training resources) then please do not spend the majority of your time acting like a TOW TRUCK.

You cannot pull along broken down vehicles.

You can direct them to places of repair (like links and websites for training) or even mindset help.

But you are not the one to pull them onto the road and off the exit ramp while waiting in the garage with them yourself before getting YOUR RACE CAR back on the road.

If they are not interested in being on the highway and instead are acting like old clunkers when they do get on the road, cruise by them.

I know this may sound harsh, but rubbernecking to pull a clunker along with a race car is just a recipe for disaster.

Know your purposes and your plans. If they want to trade in their old wheels and upgrade to actually cruising on the speedway then I am sure you will welcome them but DO NOT SLOW DOWN OR STOP to PULLLLLL people in your business.

6. YOU ARE NOT 911 or EMS:

You have given your team the links to podcasts, webinars, online trainings.  You have set them up with files and private Facebook groups.

You have created drip series for trainings.  You have even given the number to customer service and yet they are still calling you repeatedly instead.

Your job is to give them the number to EMS and the website addresses to your online trainings etc.

YES…you take periodic calls. YES …you schedule three-way calls.

BUT when you become the HOTLINE or BLUE PHONE ALONG THE SIDE OF THE ROAD for every basic question that is already posted everywhere…and when you STOP to repeatedly give out the same info…

YOU ARE RUBBERNECKING YOUR BUSINESS and creating a jam in your traffic.

YOU ARE NOT 911 or 411.   Support your team (yes), but not to a fault of becoming a librarian or the yellow pages for your team.  You will serve them better by continuing to recruit new team members and keeping your eyes focused ahead.

Do not answer what has already been answered?

AND do not put on the brakes to rescue and repair others who have the equivalent of 911 at their fingertips already.

You are teaching leaders to lead.  Leaders use the tools but they refuse to become the tool for their team.


If you have been driving along fast and now notice the traffic stalling into gridlock,take another route.

Too many people stay on the same road barely going over 15mph because they don’t know or don’t care to navigate onto a different road.

For example,  I had noticed that my Facebook recruiting had slowed down and I insanely stayed on that road using the same directions.  One day I decided to make a change in my recruiting system on Facebook so I could get moving fast again into recruiting more people into my business.

I opted for a different way to attract more leads and even started this blog to expand my network.

My changing up my recruiting habits on Facebook got me out of the gridlock.  If you are stuck, don’t just stay in the traffic jam and follow along with the rubbernecking,  get on another road.



Remain focused on your goals and destination.  Fulfill your plan  on arriving there in the time period you set for yourself when you were goal setting.   If you know when to turn and when to speed up then you will not get sidetracked by rubbernecking.  Set solid goals for yourself and have the tenacity, determination and staying power to never look in any other direction then the finish line in your business.

Don’t start your journey without knowing where you are headed.  When you arrive at your destination and haven’t been consumed by the rubbernecking along the way, you will find true satisfaction. Celebrate your arrival across the finish line into your success.

Stay away from rubbernecking in your business.

Identify distractions in your team.

Keep focused on the one thing – recruiting new people into your awesome business.

Build a solid customer base.

And enjoy your fast ride on the road to the ultimate destination to your success….

Would love to have you check out the vehicle I am riding into my success…