Healthy Moms, Happy Kids!

As a mom of 7 kids, I am busy.  My focus in the mornings is getting kids dressed, teeth brushed, lunches made, breakfast made and homework signed.   Throughout the day like most moms I spend my time running errands (groceries, post office, cleaning, doctors appointments). It never seemed like there was enough time to accomplish anything on my checklist.   AND of course my health seemed to be the last thing on the list.

To get through the day, I would swear I would exercise (but didn’t ). I committed to finding a healthy way to lose weight (but procrastinated).  I promised to spend time for a massage (but didn’t). I wanted to take time out to catch up with old friends (but rarely did). As a result, I found my health was suffering.  I had gained over 40lbs. It seemed to sneak up on me. I was surviving off of coffee,  bags of mini chocolates and drive-through lunches.   I was exhausted and finding I was becoming forgetful and irritable just trying to survive. And I was not happy! To make it worse, my kids were miserable because I was clearly not the attentive, joyful mom they needed.


One day I realized that my neglecting my health was a huge disadvantage to my kids. My children deserved a mother who was attentive, well rested, energetic and healthy.

I wanted to get my diet in order and lose weight as per my doctor’s instructions.  But loading my body with toxic and convenient over-processed foods was becoming a habit. Breaking that habit didn’t seem easy. But I was determined to give my kids the greatest gift of all: a healthy and happy mommy!  I made a few minor adjustments that helped me to lose 42lbs, gain back energy, become more mentally attentive and detox from the environmental and emotional stress I had been living with.

Here are a few steps that I took:

  1. Make rest and sleep a priority.  I altered my sleep schedule by going to bed at 10pm rather than midnight. This gave me back 2 hours of sleep and more time to unwind and fully relax.  I also added a sleep spray of a melatonin blend before I nodded off.

  2. Upon waking in the morning, I drank a bottle of water immediately (being hydrated is important for helping to wake up and staying healthy). In addition, for my weight loss journey drinking half your body weight in water was crucial.

  3. Started taking vitamins and supplements.

  4. Started on a Nutritional System for Weight Loss and Nutritional Support that was an enzyme enriched, nutrient dense, detoxifying system (free of steroids, antibiotics, or soy.)

  5. Found some healthy energy drink alternatives.

  6.  Replace my chocolate with some low glycemic options.

  7. Exercised

  8. Started reading some inspiring books.

  9. Implemented a nutritional cleanse for detox.

In the end, I am more energized and happier and feeling beautiful. I am 42lbs lighter. In addition, the gift of health to myself is the greatest gift I could’ve given my children.

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If you are an exhausted mom and telling yourself that you don’t have time to get healthier or that you have to spend all of your money on your kids, please consider that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. This is not a selfish choice.  Your children need their mom to be healthy and happy. In the end, they will be happier too.

If you want more information on the products that I used to change my life, please check out our HEALTHY LIVING page.