We all know the basic tips to building your Network Marketing Business.

  1. Talk to at least 3 people a day

  2. Tell your story

  3. Share Your Opportunity

  4. Share the Compensation Plan

  5. Enroll and Build New Leaders


Network Marketing companies these days are a little bit unconventional and not as predictable as you would think. Some are starting to break the stereo-type and coach their business builders to take a complete turn and coach their leaders to build business with an attitude of service over profit.


I have built my business and team by passionately sharing nutrition with my network of adoptive families and people in ministry.  I have seen first hand how contributing to the welfare of others simultaneously blesses those who ‘give first.’

This weekend I sat in a room at a corporate convention with ten thousand people listening to business training that repeated the following unconventional messages as a priority over the typical hard core sales tactics:

  1. Serve people with love

  2. Be more focused on what you can give over what you can get

  3. Prioritize a spirit of gratitude in all you have – even if you have little

  4. Be relentless in seeking out hurting people who need a life transformation

  5. Spread love

  6. People are hurting and looking for a solution, if you believe you have that solution – open your mouth and share.

  7. Move into uncomfortable places in order to help people living uncomfortable lives

  8. Spread Love

  9. Give

  10. Spread love……and more love

When people typically think of Network Marketing, they often envision self-serving salesmen deeply committed to earning millions in order to fulfill their own selfish desires.  This is just not the case in the Network Marketing company that I am partnered with.


A new CEO was announced and tearfully entered center stage with a standing ovation from a crowd of ten thousand.  He was in tears. This was a man who had served in other companies more focused on the bottom line over radical global contribution.  He came into this company because he believed in the corporate mission statement to create the largest health and wellness company in the world by using natural ingredients.  And he valued true impact over financial gains.

The amazing thing is that this is a rapidly growing company that carries no debt and is not publicly traded.  The company is only 15 years old and is a close to a billion dollar a year company. Projections are that it will be a 2 billion dollar a year company by 2020.

He cried , genuinely humbled as people yelled out “WE LOVE YOU!”

His speech started with an acknowledgment of his love for his wife and her commitment to their family and sacrifice in moving to a new home in a new state. They uprooted their family in order to serve others.


The day went on to talk about the millions raised to support WISHES for children struggling with life threatening diseases.  The clear repetitive message of ‘others first’ was repeated dozens of times throughout the two days of this event.

If you have been considering entering into the most awesome industry of Network Marketing , where you get to be an entrepreneur with a virtual franchise while still spending time with your family,  please understand that whatever preconceived negative impressions of the industry are not true in all cases.

There are thousands of people finding true peace and fulfillment as they get to contribute and spread love, while simultaneously being blessed financially as well.

Are you ready to shake off your own bias?

Have you been longing to work from home but stubbornly eliminated the industry of Network Marketing as an option because you believe it is a crock?

Do you long to work in a situation where you have to potential to earn a significant income while simultaneously giving back to others?

Shake off your bias and run along side the people in this industry who give out of their earnings every day and reach out to connect with others with the motivation of SPREADING LOVE.