I found this quote by Jonathan Winters:

 “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.”

This is such a great quote. Jonathan Winters didn’t ‘wait’ for success.

He lived it.

Living the life of success doesn’t mean that every day feels perfect. It means that you are living the life you hoped and dreamed for regardless of whether or not you currently see your goals accomplished.

Success is perception.

One person’s concept of success is not the same for another.

We all want success in whatever we do.

We work hard.

We follow the directions.

We become coachable.

We read books on belief.

One lesson that I learned a long time ago was that if you want to be a singer – sing. If you want to be an actor – act.  If you want to be a writer – write.  And if you want to be a successful network marketer – act as if you already are by networking and marketing.

There is a philosophy and mental practice called “Acting As If” and “Living As If,”. This is also what some of us call ‘faith’.

Hebrews:11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Believing prior to your goals becoming a reality is an ancient spiritual truth encouraged through scripture.

When I started in Network Marketing I ‘FAKED IT UNTIL I MADE IT”.  There is an amazing truth behind activating your success by taking action even if you have to fake it.  The reasoning for ‘faking it until you make it” is that EVENTUALLY you will believe the thing you were ‘pretending’ to believe and thereby it will manifest into reality.

 I have to warn some of you who may be similar to myself. I actually continued to  see myself as a ‘faker’ even after I accomplished the goal I originally was ‘imagining’ into my reality.

Sometimes, when you realize you have been a FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT person, you also start to feel as if you are an actual faker or liar and that your success is not a result of WHO YOU ARE or WHAT YOU’VE DONE.

The funny thing is that if you have such strong belief that you can bring what you are ‘faking’ into reality you also can start to live in a place of identifying and believing that you ARE a faker ??? GET IT…?.

You start to carry a FAKER identity…


IN other words, do you believe you are as successful as you are?

Do you believe that your success is not smoke and mirrors (fake) and is in actuality  earned by your action steps?

Have you set up a NEW dialogue inside of your mind as you’ve shifted into the actuality of those success visions?

Most people DON’T!

If they are being honest, then they are still saying “I’m faking it until I make it.”  But once you ‘make it’ it is very important to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and how accomplished you NOW are so you can start seeing yourself as the NETWORK MARKETER or SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON that you are.

A new mental script needs to be replayed over the old “I’m faking it until I make it’ replay.

Are you understanding that your success is a result of the amazing work and actions that you have taken?

 “ACTING AS IF” and “FAKING IT UNTIL YOU MADE IT” phrases can be a thorn in your side once you have actually ‘made it’ to your goal.

Once you have arrived into your success do you subconsciously believe that  you are an imposter rather than the true success that you are?



I just recently put my finger on my lack of belief.

I interpreted slow times or any rolling back in my business as evidence that I was a faker. As if to say:

“SEE I really am not successful.”

Or when major recognition came there was a voice inside of me that said,

“This is just luck for me and proof that I am the best faker or actress ever?”

I had to stop myself and really tweak my self image to remind myself that I wasn’t faking it….

In fact this ‘faking’ and ‘acting’ mindset can turn on you if you don’t flip it around. It can work against forward motion in your business because you are not training your mindset to believe in the TRUE SUCCESS IDENTITY.

When you continue to see yourself as a faker rather than an ACTUAL success, your mind starts to believe that true full-out success is just a facade….

this is deep…get it?


GOING AHEAD OF YOUR SUCCESS is crucial. And ‘faking it until you make it’ as well as ‘acting as if’ are true actions that can move a person forward into reaching their goals…

BUT once you have hit them you have to have the reality of WHO YOU ARE as the REAL DEAL sink in.

You can not carry a FAKER identity.

The identity has to be an identity of success.

I earned a million dollars in my network marketing company and still had a voice inside of my head that told me I was an imposter.  I had faked it until I made it and internally saw myself as a faker and liar.

It took awhile to genuinely carry the millionaire identity.

SO, if you are acting “AS IF” or “Faking it Until You Make It” make sure to also remind yourself that you are neither a faker or a liar.

You have taken great advice in going ahead of your success by taking action in “acting as if”..But step off the stage and  take off the costume and allow the real you to take a bow for the fact that YOU ARE A SUCCESS by your own actions.

For me that meant that I was a successful network marketer who used her gifts, talents, creativity, influence, credibility, and skill to earn every penny that came her way.

Start truly believing that you are a success and that your actions are taking you to REAL income, real recognition and real lifestyle change that was earned  from your hard work.

Faking it is a verb!

Acting is another verb!

But you are not a Faker and you are not an Actor.

You are a Successful Network Marketer.


Fake it until you make it!

Act as if!


But do not be afraid to take a bow and take credit for what you have achieved once you have seen the results of your actions.

Being defined as a SUCCESS (aka ‘you are a SUCCESS’) is a noun and identity that you should be proud of and burn into your mindset as truth…

CLAIM IT NOW (no faking allowed)!


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