We have an incredible and very unique family.

We have 8 children all together.

I am blessed to be married to my amazing husband Mark. We met during our early years creating music in NYC.

Our lives are all about improv and living spontaneously, finding adventure and harmony in life.

So, we created our family first with two children (the traditional way). Samantha is our oldest daughter and is married to Tyler our son-in-law.  Andrew is our amazing son and a thriving entrepreneur in his own right.

Grace,  Ella and Jared are adopted from Ethiopia and all teenagers.

Matea is our sweet ‘gift from God’ born in Guatemala.

And Alec is our ‘unplanned adoption’ from Ukraine.

Our family represents 4 different countries.

It is diverse, beautiful, chaotic, highly inspired and a work in progress.

 We welcome you into our lives. We live inspired lives and are committed to living that way. Sometimes that means appearing to be distinctly different but we would have it no other way….



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