Do You Have a Call Center For Your Network Marketing Business!

I spoke to my good friend and veteran network marketing friend John.   John still had a flip phone like Warren Buffett. John was building his business in the only way he knew how (aka OLD SCHOOL).  He would spend his days making tons of phone calls (i’m not sure he even texted) and he would set up meetings in restaurants with a clipboard and an order form.    He fascinated me.  I had been thinking for awhile about sales departments in major corporations.  I worked as an Executive Assistant in 1998 in the sales department of United Media in NYC.   My job was to manage the schedules of the sales staff on the field and the inhouse call center.   We had about 5 sales reps who worked off of a small salary and benefits and commissions.  All day, everyday, they made calls.

I came into Network Marketing in 2013.  I love my time freedom. I love the speed of connecting with multiple people on social media.  I teach and am a student of the trends of how people connect on social media.  I am the strongest proponent of internet marketing and social selling around.  BUT….we cannot overlook the standard practices of sales that have worked for years.  There is wisdom in studying people like John.   If we take our skill set online and create a pseudo call center in our home and an allotted amount of time everyday to intentionally connect, imagine how our sales would increase.

I am not suggesting that we sit for 8 hours everyday and call a million people. BUT…BUT..if you did…

You may see a massive increase in sales in your business center.

Try applying these steps:

  1.  Work off of your phone list everyday and make calls

  2. Text 10-12 people everyday

  3. Post at least 4-5 times on each of your social media platforms.

  4. Use Facebook and Instagram messaging to connect with people

  5. Post one video a day (fb live, youtube, instagram or direct upload)

  6. Join groups on FB and Instagram and Linkedin and engage in the groups

  7. Create groups of interest for like minded people

  8. Set sales goals and initiatives and achieve them

  9. Follow up with your leads

  10. Ask for referrals

If you treat your business in a scheduled “call centeresque” way and become more intentional on your workflow in connecting you may see an excellent pop in your business.

BUT….remember this is a time freedom business too…don’t sit there for 8-10 hours like office sales staff…you deserve your time freedom.