Did Walt Disney Endorse Network Marketing?

Walt Disney was a huge advocate of networking.

Technically, he may not have been chatting about network marketing as an industry in this quote but he did endorse the practice of doing something well, loving that thing and then sharing it.

In fact, if you think about it, it has been very hard to replicate what he has done.

Yes ,there have been other animated features.

Yes, there are other theme parks.

But on the scope and scale as to how he fused multi-media together, his vision and dream still remains untouched.

He may not have specifically been talking about the industry of network marketing, but Walt hugely endorsed excellence and the financial benefits of drawing in a network to the product that you create or love.

He also recognized the power of multiplication in business when people share with friends. This is indeed Network Marketing.

As you can tell,  Walt Disney is one of my most favorite businessmen of all time and will remain so.  How amazing to be able to witness what his philosophy in sharing with others has created.  There are literally millions of people and fans in his downline and this continues years after his death…

aka the ultimate networker.