Is crying appropriate in the work place?

There are numerous articles, blog posts and talk shows that will tell you that crying is totally inappropriate when you are working.

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I work from home. I have my own business.  Most of my friends and business partners also have opted to join me in working from home.   My girlfriend calls me the other day totally regretting her crying with a male team mate over his mis-step during a business negotiation.  I could not believe how upset my friend was.  At the end of the conversation, I stopped her and said: ‘Jenny, you own your own business. You can cry whenever and wherever you want!”

In the field of Network Marketing or Direct Sales, crying has become mainstream.  If you are worried about crying at an event, here are some things to look for that may make you ‘well-up.”


It is commonplace to go to a national convention and watch one emotional testimonial after another about how the products or compensation plan changed a person’s life.    TEARS! (I always bring tissue and strategize mascara use).


There is much  discussion on breakthrough in the arena of entrepreneurship and trying to make a significant income working from home.  Conferences, online trainings, suggested readings all aim to get to the heart of your WHY and WHY YOUR WHY SHOULD MAKE YOU CRY.   Be aware that this is not unusual and many people break down once they realize their motivation for finding their financial freedom.


Eric Worre, Tony Robbins,  Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki,  all have stories and books aimed at teaching us how to be transformed by recognizing the past pain and pitfalls in our lives.   The exercises which sometimes require journaling will break you old mindset patterns by first bringing out a tear or two.


When you risk your time, money and future on your business decisions you are either going to end up crying out of great satisfaction in your success or tears of angst at what you perceive to be your failure.  Entrepreneurship is risky.  We get to receive all the benefits of the success or the opposite.  Because our business moves are so personal we will sometimes break down.


While I believe that a traditional corporate setting may require ‘less frequent’ crying,  when you are self-employed you get to call the shots.   We need to remind ourselves that we are not in a corporate setting and more and more people are working from home.  The environment is more relaxed and casual and even more personal and emotional.


Jenny,  it’s alright to cry.  It’s your business and you can cry if you want to…