Are You A Leader or Follower? 10 Steps To Becoming a True Leader In Network Marketing

This most recent season of my life has taught me a lot about true leadership.

I am so aware that real leadership has nothing to do with money or rank. Leadership is about rising up to accomplish your personal goals while inspiring and serving others in a capacity that will support them to reach their goals as well.


I am blessed to be a Top Leader in the massively growing industry of Network Marketing.  The particular company I work for is thriving. Still in the 4 years of building my Network Marketing business, I have made some observations on the difference between leading and following.

First off, we are all leaders because we are individual business owners who have taken a leap of faith to build something lasting.  However,  the culture and structure in many Network Marketing companies is such that those in high rank and income of course are edified and revered.  While I think that is totally justifiable, money and rank does not always make someone a leader worth following. There are some amazing leaders that we can all learn from.  But I have also witnessed so many people that are new to network marketing stuck in a paralysis and continuing  “sheep-like” mentality that is perpetuating lack of success and their rising into their full potential.


It is important to understand that when you enter into Network Marketing and open up your distributor account, that you are a boss man a boss lady in your own right.  LEAD! TAKE CHARGE…Learn the basics. Apply the systems.  Honor people worthy of respect.  But do not deny the fact that the only way this business will grow will be with you taking charge and LEADING….


I’ve outlined some traits and distinctions between leaders and followers:

1.DO YOU LOVE TEACHNG OTHERS TO GROW!  Are you a servant leader? Do you love helping to guide others in a healthy way while not enabling them? Great leaders motivate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

2. ARE YOU COACHABLE?  Great leaders are always willing to be coached and taught.  Followers should also be willing to learn and apply principles.  Leaders also rise up to teach.

3. DO YOU LOVE PEOPLE?  Are you in the business because you love interacting with people or are you in mainly for the money.  True leaders in Network Marketing are genuinely attracted to the industry because they love serving others and watching people they partner with rise in leadership as well.

4.  Are you hyper focused on titles and rank? If recognition is your main reason for pursuing your business think again.  There are many people being recognized who are not exhibiting true leadership or taking action.  Pursue growth in the business in spite of the recognition.

5. Do you have a deep internal mindset that motivates you to grow? Stay positive above all.   Leaders know how to push through disappointment and persevere in spite of pitfalls.  Leaders take control of their bad days and turn them into something amazing.

6. Are you willing to admit your mistakes?  Excellent Leaders are willing to admit their mistakes and learn from others.

7. Do You Take Action?  Leaders take action first.  Followers wait for others to take action and then follow.  Assert     yourself .  TACKLE YOUR  goals and crush them.

8. Do You burn the midnight oil? Leaders are willing to work hard and tirelessly to achieve their dreams and goals.

9.  Do you have vision?  Leaders know where they are going and take action to see their vision become reality.

10.   Do you have a plan and blueprint?  Have you spent time being strategic and laying out your goals.  Leaders map out the plan and share it with their army and execute it.


At the end of the day,  your success is yours.

Rise up and lead yourself to your final goal.


Take action…

Call out the Leader within and don’t let ranks or corporate structures trip you out.

You are your own boss…so lead yourself into victory.