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Hi, my name is Deanna, excited to meet you! I work with motivated people just like you that want to find more meaning and purpose in their lives, while giving back to the causes they are so passionate about. As a work-at-home entrepreneur I was able to figure out a way to earn significant income while also giving back to what drives me.... For me, that is adoption,
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Medicaid to Millionaire

In the beginning, all I had was my story. I spent the first six months in Network Marketing building my business by telling my story and sharing it with others because that was the only resource and skill that I had. Eventually, I developed additional business building strategies through trainings and events. My personal story and the stories of my team earned me over 100k in the first six months. The most powerful tool any Network Marketer can use is the ability to share relevant stories with potential clients and business builders. Numbers, Rank Advancements and big bonuses are great motivators, but if you really want to see your team move into momentum tell them the stories of people just like them who have moved from rags to riches and medicaid to millionaire like myself or found their way out of their status-quo struggles into financial freedom.

What our Wonderful Global Leaders Have to Say

  • Deanna's style is unique. She has a gift of mentoring and motivating by using the strengths of those she coaches and seeing so-called disabilities as assets. She sees the individual and doesn't clip their wings. When you do begin to fly, you all fly higher and further after training with Deanna. Her connecting skills were hands down the #1 reason, I rank advanced so quickly in such a short amount of time in the company I am with.

    Deena Miller Music Producer - Industry Leader
  • When I think of Deanna, the first word that comes to mind is 'authentic'...to me, Deanna is the epitome of authenticity. She is clear about who she is, what she stands for, and she leads from her heart. Her unique spirit and style sets her apart from most in the industry. Deanna is one of my most valued mentors, and she is always willing to help me out. I am grateful for her guidance and to be able to call her a friend.

    Alison Schlicht , Mompreneur, Network Marketing and Online Marketing professional
  • From our first conversation I knew that Deanna had my success at the forefront of her mind. It was never about her but how she could help me become most successful and I trusted her mentorship and advice without any hesitation. Deanna had a huge impact in helping me become a six-figure income earner with my company in a relatively short period of time. I absolutely love her down-to-earth coaching style and her authenticity.

    Dana Gezik Network Marketer - 6 Figure Earner
  • "Deanna is a rare leader who leads with humility and love and strength. I have watched her develop some powerful leaders who had been wallflowers before taking her training. She is a motivator and and authentically inspirational. We have worked together for several years on projects ranging from Adoption, Child Trafficking, HIV Advocacy and Health and Wellness. I am so honored to be a friend and business partner in witnessing her rags to riches story firsthand....she is truly a miracle maker."

    Carolyn Twietmeyer Network Marketing Millionaire/Mompreneur

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