Ok so let’s get real!

Yesterday was SANCTITY OF LIFE Sunday. This is the day to remember the unborn. For some of us who are post abortive – it’s the equivalent of memorial day….

But it is also a time where we feel violated by the radio silence from the pulpits. OR we feel equally upset because in the course of a year….we get one sunday to hear Christian leaders bring a message about the most devastating experiences of our lives The other Sundays not so much…One sunday is not enough when every day the church leadership could be saving lives simply by offering information or having the courage to let the parishoneers know that they encourage the women in their congregation to Choose life..

A large majority of women who abort claim to be Christian. Like near 70%…..

Are you aware that about 90% of churches that are considered Denominational, NON DENOMINATIONAL or EVANGELICAL refuse to set up a statement regarding their stance on life in their bylaws. Others are told NOT to bring it up in Bible Study or to the youth because the subject is too divisive.

In my experience…i sat in a church 2-4 hours a week for years as a teen in an Evangelical Lutheran Church that NEVER brought up the subject. At 18 I had an abortion. If you think about the opportunity that church had to SAVE my baby…to SAVE ME…by giving me some straight talk… also letting me know what to do when and if I fell into the high stress of finding myself as a teen with an unplanned pregnancy. BUT when I was freaking out and unable to think after finding out I was pregnant…the loudest voices of reason giving me a solution was PLANNED PARENTHOOD…the organization that encouraged my abortion. ..NOT THE CHURCH. Later I would discover that the ELCA I sat in for years was PRO CHOICE. In fact, it even allowed the late term abortionist George Tiller (who would abort babies up until birth) to be a Deacon and Usher in one of their churches.

I ask Christians all the time.. Do you know what your church’s official stance/statement is on the subject of abortion? 90% do not. And then I ask them…”are you aware that there are many denominations that are pro-choice” (ask your presbyterian, lutheran,methodist and episcopalian churches where they stand…).

AND I will be extremely bold with my opinion here..

When I went through counseling and healing, I realized how different things could be today had I learned from my clergy, youth pastors, sunday school teachers that the BIBLE says CHOOSE LIFE…God wants us to choose life…So in my healing I realized that my decision was a decision to lean into the loudest voices on the subject…Planned Parenthood…the organization whose leader said “the most compassionate thing a large family can do to one of its members is to KILL IT” and to the same organization whose leader said “we need a baby code…” to allow people to know they should choose to abort because it was better for SOCIETY…

AND all of this while our church stood silent…with no guidance to me as a preteen, teenager and young adult..RADIO SILENCE…

and now it is sanctity of life sunday again…and still

SILENCE… How many of you KNEW it was Sanctity of LIFE Sunday? How many of you KNOW that at least every 3rd woman in the pews if not half has had to sit and listen as you said nothing and offered nothing to encourage her toward her healing after her abortion…(because that’s how many are in your congregation….swallowing their pain and regret as the preacher says NOTHING…) Or the men who are still suffering from regret who believe they don’t even have a right to process the loss of their sons and daughters.

This is my week to remember…to memorialize to feel like progress has taken place inside the churches. And while I’m so encouraged at what is happening outside of the walls…I am still saddened to think that many of you reading this…had no clue that yesterday was the day you could have lit a candle, lifted up a prayer, donated money to a pregnancy center…but you didn’t because you didn’t know!!!! Because the CHURCH said NOTHING…

Yesterday was Sanctity of life Sunday….some of you may celebrate it next sunday…but there’s one thing that I would like you to know….

My daughter’s name was Aubrey….