by Deanna Falchook

In response to Michelle Williams’ acceptance speech at the 2020 Golden Globes a pro-life mother speaks out and rewrites the pro-abortion speech.

A Pro-Life Woman’s Acceptance Speech

Dear Hollywood Foreign Press, The Academy, CNN, Screen Actors Guild, NYC, Los Angeles and Planned Parenthood,

When God puts a baby in a woman’s body, you can’t help but acknowledge the miracle of life. Moment by moment, the baby grows and moves. Scene by scene, as your baby grows, you see the power of the universe and realize what you are capable of as a woman.

Day by day, you get to witness the power of God in action as the child breathes, walks, runs, and starts to sing in praise to his Creator. You become fuller and more complete too. You are powerful because you’ve partnered with God in saying, ‘Yes, God! What you are creating in me is more fulfilling and relevant than my aspirations for fame and golden statues.” 

Choosing life for that amazing little person that God gave you magnifies the favor in your life. Earthly movies, magazine covers, and television interviews cannot capture the magnitude of the blessing.

Your contribution to the world in the form of your children is revered in Heaven and captured in Heavenly movie screens in a place where God himself watches and applauds you.

Heavenly Rewards over Earthly Ones

The education you pursued, the training you crushed, the hours you put in for your previous goals pale in comparison to God’s plans for your life – now. When there are no audiences and no applause, and it’s just you and your babies, God sees you and blesses you. He adores you with the spotlight of Angels and the adoration of a great ‘cloud of witnesses.’ They shout out HOLY HOLY HOLY as you swaddle and cradle the child that others pressured you to discard.

The women who choose life over abortion are grateful for the choices we’ve made in recognizing that we don’t have to sacrifice a part of ourselves to find success. Women are finally living in a moment in our society where people now know abortion hurts women and kills our future leaders – procedure by procedure. 

As women and even as girls, we know that real power and influence come from serving and loving others first over ripping apart what God has created and planned for us.

Hollywood has tried it’s very best to convince us that abortion empowers us when it doesn’t. The film industry continues to glamorize what is crushing the souls of women. They magnify acceptance speeches of ‘best actresses’ who attempt to justify the destruction of the lives of children who deserve to live and breathe. They nurture and meticulously take care of their scripts, wardrobes, and close-ups while advocating for the cutting apart of their babies.

We will not sacrifice our babies to the golden statues of Baal!

Let’s be clear as pro-life women; we will not sacrifice our children to the golden statues of Baal or Molech. Throwing our children out into the sacrificial pits of false idols of gold does nothing to move us forward or empower us. It only oppresses us and aligns us to a partnership with a spirit that destructively wants not only our children – but us. The disgusting abortion worshipers vilify pure female biology and women’s ability to create life. They ignore the words written by GOD while memorizing lines that echo death to millions. They agree to the same lie whispered into the ears of Eve – that tells them perhaps the destroyer knows better than the Creator. 

It does not!

Satan’s handwriting is all over this abortion lie.

So many ‘silver screen’ hands are bloody, deadly, messy, and twisting, similar to the rationale of a Hollywood leading lady trying to wash away her sin in the sink of the Beverly Hilton washroom. How many Hollywood hands have cradled the statues of Baal and thrown their babies into the fires of fame?

So many beautiful people would be in this world now if the Hollywood superstars would rally against employing a woman’s right to choose.

The Most Powerful Women Often Go Unrecognized!

To choose the perfect time to have children and with whom isn’t always possible. My friend Jen decided to have her baby even though she was raped. She says that the baby saved her life and sanity. She believed that aborting her baby would’ve doubled the violence against her. Or how about the 14yo girl who gave birth to the daughter I adopted. My friend Claire survived an abortion and grew up to have a daughter of her own. Like me, Serena, Abby, Ericka, Pam, and many of my friends had abortions and now know the sincere regret of once believing your falsely represented choice.

It isn’t progress or advancement if you still can’t call the shots when you are pregnant and say to producers and filmmakers, “Shoot around the baby bump. Take out the waistline in the pants. Let’s delay your production a few months so that God’s production can be born before your blockbuster .”

The Casting Couch Still is in Operation!

You are still kneeling to the ‘casting couch’ if you think you can’t turn to a producer (male or female) and say, “I’m pregnant. Let’s shoot this film and accommodate my greatest personal achievement, production, and performance.”

 If you can’t balance your lives in your career as a woman and mother, then you aren’t empowered at all. You are altering your very self to appeal to the out-of-balance scales that lean heavily to the perceived misogynistic culture that you claim to hate but bow your head to. 

Thank God we live in a country now that is winning on the subject of life and acknowledges that God places us in our mother’s wombs.

Thank God we have a president willing to stand for life and willing to pray for the unborn.

The Wicked Witch of the West (aka Planned Parenthood) is dying!

So, women 18 to 118, when it is time to vote, please do so and vote for the candidates that genuinely are pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-life. Those of us who truly feel free and empowered to express ourselves in all our fullness, pregnant with God’s creation, already know that our votes matter. We stand as surrogates too for the babies whose mothers have sacrificed them to the altar of Baal. We will VOTE for LIFE and expose the lies of the melting Hollywood icons that accept their awards only after washing their hands of the blood they have shed in order to grab onto their lifeless golden Oscars and globes. We stand for the administration that has shut down the blood mills. We represent the powerful pro-life women who have stepped off center-stage to hold onto their children while sacrificing their awards – when necessary.

A big standing ovation to all of the awesome MOMS who looked deep inside their hearts and wombs and recognized that their 8-week old baby had the right to SHINE brighter than they did. Cheers to those women who turned their backs on Baal and ran toward God holding their children close.

Applause to the women who recite the scripts in the Word of God that tells us to ‘CHOOSE LIFE’, leaving the statues for those who just don’t get it!



Deanna Falchook

Jen, Abby, Erika, Claire, Pam and all of the millions of post-abortive women

Pro-life Women and all of the Deplorables

Deanna Falchook writes about Pro-Life, Adoption and Christian Topics. She is highly focused on fairy tales and their impact on politics, faith and culture. She is the author of a book called TO BE A MOTHER and the soon to be released book called THE CINDERELLA MINDSET. Deanna’s work has been featured in THE FEDERALIST, Charisma, Breitbart, 700Club, EWTN, Faithwire to name a few. Deanna is the mom of 7 children (5 internationally adopted) and lives near Disneyworld in Orlando. You can contact Deanna on FACEBOOK or twitter @deannafalchook.