Hi! Welcome to the ONE POD UNDER GOD Podcast… I’m Deanna Falchook and I’m excited to share all things related to being a Christian in America… God Loving, Forefather faithful, patriotic and pro-life… Today I am just going to share with you a little bit about my story and why I have started this podcast and what you can expect.

I’m an all American girl. And I mean all American.  My family on my Dad’s side came over in the 1600’s to establish America. But you sort of need to understand what happened way back in history to get the gist of how important the spiritual side is too and why this LAND is so rich.

So going back hundreds of years… my gr grandparents on my Dad’s mom’s side were actually English royalty and descendants of William The Conqueror and Mathilda.  My Great grandfather 10 generations removed was William De Warrene who was William the conquerors battle partner during the Battle of Hastings. William De Warren was given many lands in England and my Gr Grandmother 10x’s removed Gundred (William and mathilda’s daughter). Now I pause here because about 800 years after her death in 1085…English historians started abcontrovery in saying she was NOT King William’s daughter.  We disagree..but I won’t go into all of the evidence why.  The point is that our forefathers were royal..had lots of land in England. Gundred and William built many priories and churches..they traveled to Rome and their children also built lots of churches. In fact castle acre still remains as well as Lewes prior IN England…where they are buried.   I mention all of this because there was huge wealth and rich heritage in this family…my family. And I believe many of you listening have a history that brought you to America that is deep and spiritual. Gundred and William built churches fought for Christian principles and honored God first. They had deep faith and spent all of their time and money in possessing the land in the name of Jesus and claiming territories and establishing places of worship…Sooo…I won’t go through all of my history but to say that eventually… several generations down from Gundred and William their gr grandchildren left England and were the first to establish America…and write out constitution.

Henry Adams the grandfather of John Adams is also my gr grandfather many times removed. He was a pastor and a leader in his community.  Our forefathers with the DNA to establish lands and communities for Jesus left England looking for freedom to continue to do that. And they wanted to perfect a democracy that wasn’t under the Kings rule. So the royal families came here to leave it behind so they could have freedom…isn’t that ironic. They left England in order to find freedom and basically express what was so deep in their DNA..they were people who fought for freedom and the right fo all people to live in pursuit of success..equally …They loved business and community, the land and jesus.

On the same side of my family on my grandmother’s side were the moravians. They came into America in the 1700’s from Germany to pray 24/7 in North Carolina…(I’ll tell more of that story too later)

 And there are more patriots and immigrants in my family with amazing stories that I am sure I will get to in time…But that is the foundation and background and just a glimpse into my history and why I am creating this podcast to explore our love for American values and going back to the genesis and foundation of this country and its ideals and the SPIRIT of America regarding freedom and why we need to protect it..AND MORE IMPORTANTLY how God is still in control and how we can participate in making sure that Jesus’ name remains great and the country is alive with the spirit of freedom.

Many of you listening are patriots with some amazing history yourselves with stories from your forefathers and mothers. You just may not know all of the details. But at one point they came to America because they were believing and dreaming for a better life.  And they worked and planted seeds and watched things grow and grieved when things died.

Here you are now with your hopes and dreams too.  And there is something about truly understanding the blessing of America and the possibilities available even in our struggles that do make America great.  The very fact that we can dream..that we can start a business, a church or a conversation or take a walk without getting censored or arrested for expressing our beliefs is a beautiful thing and a very AMERICAN THING.

So I was born in the Midwest…Rockford Illinois.. and my parents divorced when I was 8 but before that I had to endure the tragedy of watching my dad be committed into mental hospitals and have 64 shcok treatments. He was wild and unstable verbally .>And I spent my early days imagining I was a princess ..cinderella specifically (so warning now. You will have some Cinderella and Disney conversations in these podcasts)… So I always believed I was a princess (didn’t know I actually was)and sang Cinderella songs in my basement as a little girl to drown out the verbal attacks of my dad. There was something about believing that dreams could come true and I could do impossible things that helped me to survive.


When I was about 5 I remember having a conversation with my Aunt Claire (my grandmothers sister on my moms side). She asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’..i said…I want to be a mother.  She repeated that question many times.

I said “I want to be a mother.” She said ‘honey you can be anything you want to be. Why do you want to be a mother? “ I said, “I want to have babies, marry a handsome man and live in a beautiful house.”  She continued on.. “honey you can be anything..why would you want to JUST be a mother?’  Just about that time my sister ran by…and said “im gonna be a pilot like Amelia earhart of a doctor.” My aunt was clearly pleased. She asked me again. ‘Deanna,what do you want to be when you grow up?” I said “I want to be a singer.” And so I was.

Women of that time were taught that motherhood was demeaning and secondary.  There was a campaign lead by Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) to use consciousness raising (a communist/Marxist technique) to convince women that motherhood was stifling.  So this technique included using MEDIA in literature, papers and conversations like the one I had to lure innocent dreams away from their natural desires of motherhood. Margaret Sanger said “ the most compassionate thing a large family does to one of its members is to KILL IT.”   She also had a baby code which outlined the perfect scenario for procreating and if people didn’t follow that code, individuals and communities would be fined. So, encouraging birth control and abortion was actually profitable because the counties would receive more money the more they complied. This baby code never became law but the messaging was very clear.

So I grew up to become a singer and landed my first big job singing at Disneyworld in a group called Kids of the Kingdom. It was great . I sang in front of the castle and on a few occasions was blessed to record the voice of cinderella and other princesses in the studio. I didn’t know at the time that I had royal blood..i didn’t know at the time that the dna of William, mathilda,gundrada, gunnor and King Charles (charlemegne) ran through me. I just knew I always believed I was a princess and I loved being in front of the castle. And I knew that I needed to do something very important before having children. I needed to make lots of money, maybe become famous. But it was during that time that I became pregnant . I was only 18 and chose to have an abortion.

I was devastated and became pro-life about a minute after my abortion. ON this podcast here on ONE POD UNDER GOD we will talk a lot about that story and more prolife issues but I wanted to give you context.

I left the castle because I couldn’t sing anymore and I left MAIN STREET hearing my voice coming out of the speakers as I cried desperately…sad. And I shed the blood of my first princess on a fake castle in America. I wouldn’t grasp any prophetic relevance to that at the time because I was far away from Jesus at the time. If you want to read the whole story you can buy the book TO BE A MOTHER on Amazon.

But I left…Eventually I was forgiven by the grace of God…healed, set free and married a great man, gave birth to a daughter and the first time I came back to Disney when she was 6, I conceived my son Andrew and after that we adopted 5 more kids.

I’m also a marketplace minister … businesswoman and work from home helping people to make income from an incredible home based wellness business… so I finance all of my ministry by setting accounts up for people who want non toxic products for their home, skin and body…and for people in ministry who want to join me in business to do the same… little commercial here.

But I started as an entrepreneur so that I could finance my love for Jesus and after adopting kids wanted to work in the adoption and prolife advocacy area. After meeting a lot of people like myself I realized that more people on the mission field needed money etc.

So once I was established in my business and a mom with 7 kids..we moved back to Disneyworld. I now live here near Disney with all of my kids working form home doing podcasts, blogs and business building from my computer.

Let’s pause here a second. So I was called back to the land where I shed my first born blood to prayer walk a castle.. A place I left as I heard the echos of my own voice singing ..”anything your hearts desires will come to you.”  God brought me back full as a mom…GOD used me to claim my territory because in a very sad way my voice singing and my great loss oddly qualified me to take authority over a space in a fake kingdom (Disney became my ministry)

About a year after I was marching around the castle praying Planned Parenthood (the organization with Margaret Sanger’s CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING that caused aunt Claire to talk me out of motherhood) tweeted ..”WE NEED A DISNEY PRINCESS who has had an abortion.” I responded in a tweet and realized that God had now positioned me to be conscious of the currently consciousness raising going on to manipulate children into switching their innocent and pure wisdom to manipulated lies and deception.

So…on another note it was during this same time that I discovered my lineage to theWilliam the conqueror and then I started to feel a depth of the legacy of our children in being born to truly shine as sons and daughters of the king. AND it was then that I started to appreciate that everything we do has to be under the authority of God’s call on our lives… ONE POD UNDER GOD. One people extremely diverse, multi cultural, multi national in one place honoring the direction of ONE GOD. …. This is what Disneyworld or Cinderella or the American dream tries to reflect..ascension from ashes into sparkle,…. A cooling off into comfort after the scathing burning and bullets of the journey.. A celebration in fireworks and sparkly marital kisses and unity after saving a princess from the lies of the witches.. ONE POD UNDER GOD.. one collective tapestry woven in the hands of one god..

So… we are rich in our heritages…american, European, African, jewish, Russian, Hispanic..just like my family so different and separate but one.

My family founded this nation…my current family consists of immigrants like my german gr grand parents or my irish gr grandmother.  But we are here in the disney’s and adventurelands of America because we believe in the something better than the evil that lurks.  So here we will talk about fighting for the lives of newly conceived children, ideas, concepts.. we will talk about pushing to full birth the goodness of God into the world.

And mainly we will remember that JESUS himself came into the world because God so loved the world that He gave Him to us while in the

All this to say that One pod under God is my podcast and it’s really just me a patriot, a daughter of the King – someone who believes in the rights of all people from conception to natural death. A mom with 2 kids by birth and 5 via adoption who were once orphaned and came into America by the grace of God as immigrants. We are A Family of different races and we love America and Jesus. One POD under God for me is a sounding board to share my thoughts, ideas opinions and friends with you. my amazing friends are powerful business leaders, entrepreneurs marketplace ministers, pastors, advocates, people who are creative and successful in media – in the arts. And at the end of the day I just wanna share my heart and gratitude to our creator and  forefathers who believed in dared to dream big dreams     and the legacy and the fulfillment of prayer that my family and the people who are now in heaven prayed… they prayed for us their grandchildren and their great grandchildren and their great great grandchildren to be able to be successful and happy and whole and most of all know Jesus, represent Jesus and love him above all. One Pod Under God Podcast is one nation under God  and hopefully what you hear will be a blessing for those of you who love America as much as I do.