My mom died. I was in the room with her. She had been sick for a long time and we knew she would be going to heaven soon. We had spent hours at her bedside. After her death (it was past midnight), we decided just to go to sleep with her body in the room and call the funeral home to get her body the next day after pronouncement. I had a hard time sleeping for about 15 minutes after discovering that she had died. And then I closed my eyes and started to imagine I was with her in heaven. I then fell deeply asleep.

I am a writer. I have been writing my entire life. But like so many of us consumed with social media and the distractions of the world and maintaining our lives, i dropped the ball on my writing. It had been almost an un-natural struggle. It felt like warfare to write. When I would sit down I would be very prolific…. but to get to that place was a battle. Sitting down without distractions was difficult. So, for several years I had been begging to God to help me.

My mother had dementia , a heart issue and slow growing breast cancer. She was 88 when she died. I had not had a conversation with her regarding my compulsion to write combined with the difficulty in releasing the prophetic word/words that God had given me onto paper. I had noticed however that others had the same problem.

My mom published my first book (SEE MORE INFO HERE) when i was just 8 years old. And I found great healing and favor in writing. But I wasn’t writing at the pace and commitment that I believed would be pleasing to God. In fact, i knew that my life’s work was connected to writing and was starting to feel almost reprimanded in the spirit with an urgency to finish what was mine to produce.

So my mom dies…I fall into a dream. My mother and I were in heaven together . She was so excited to show me things. It was as if she had been there for hours. She had already visited Jesus. She had already been reunited with family. It had been long enough for her to know the lay of the land. But it was also soon enough for her excitement level to be extremely strong. Maybe that is how it is in Heaven. Maybe we never lose our level of excitement.

So, she showed me many things that I will talk about later. But the main thing that I remember is her favorite spot. She told me that she would be spending almost all of her time in the LIBRARY. In life, she had been a records keeper, at a medical clinic. She was the family historian. She had written her own book that she had called “Shirley’s Legacy”.’

So, she walks me into the alcove of the library. It was beautiful and massive. But it was clear that this was just touching the surface. This building housed so many books, videos and records. The section I was in was really for those who were penning prophetic literature on earth. She walked over to a shelf and pulled out several blue luminescent scrolls that turned into books. She handed them to me and they melted into me. I thought for a second, “can she do that?” I mean she had only been in heaven for a short time. I didn’t want to get in trouble stealing anything without permission. But she clearly knew that she had permission to give these to me. She told me these books were written and I was just to take action to produce them and bring them into the earth. She also made it clear that I can and will come back and get more and spend time with her there.

I then woke up with no concern or sadness in not seeing her again because I knew I could access her when I felt like it and that God had blessed me with this vision. I woke up with her dead body next to me, realizing the massive gift that God had given me. It wasn’t even hard to access heaven. I was so stunned. And then I started researching. I had never heard of libraries in heaven … I came across an article when I googled “heaven’s libraries” and found this by Shawn Bolz and then the next day after discovering this Lana Vawser releases this word “It is Right to Write”.

Here’s what I know clearly from my experience in the library. God has planted His word/words in us. We are being drowned out by the screams of the world that are anti-Jesus. We are too quiet. We can only save this world by releasing the WORD/WORDS. He has called so many people to write but they aren’t . I wasn’t . We are living in a time where we have a great opportunity to spread the gospel, witness, share testimonies, release prophetic words, but we don’t . In these times, when we are given more revelation in the super-natural, we are suppressing this truth in the natural. We are sleepy, tired and falling asleep leaving the stories and inspiration locked up with nobody being the hands and feet to deliver these FREE books to the earthly masses. Imagine if the Bible had to be written today. Would Paul have written? What would happen if those prophetic words and stories had been suppressed by the Saints/Disciples of those times?

Church it is time to open up the LIBRARIES of HEAVEN and bring the WORD into the earth. It is not okay to silently choke on rather than shout-out the truth of God into the world. Pick up your pen…. Open your mouth…. turn on your camera…. and bring the stories into the earth so that His word can be activated…NOW …