This is the moment I met Grace in her orphanage as she jumped into my arms for the first time.

We had been writing for a few months. Immediately, she grasped how special it was that she had been chosen and that someone had opened a door to a future and world of opportunities in a family.

The only thing special about us is that we said YES. Grace knew that many kids do not find a family. Many kids remain alone and lacking of an open door into the future.

I look at this picture and still am in awe. This was almost exactly 12 years ago. Now this weekend Grace will move out into her new apartment in her third year of college as a scholar in one of the best schools of International Hospitality in the world. An open door…….

She did all the work.. She followed through. Her mother made her promise at the age of 7 to watch over her younger two siblings . This was her dying wish. Her grandmother didn’t want Grace to go with the other two but also followed through with her promise to keep them together in one family. They stayed in an orphanage together until Grace was 9.

I get to teach people often about success, break through, perseverance. It may appear that i’ve learned those lessons from the businesses I’ve built. But there has been no greater gift and teacher than the gift of motherhood.

God had taught me how to BIRTH two children into life via labor and through my own body. And God led me through the arduous path of parenting kids from really hard places via 5 adoptions… But I had to follow through too. I had to say YES….My YESSES into the hardest labors came after DENYING my first Yes in the first pregnancy that I aborted. I learned through that experience that sometimes saying NO to hard things actually leads you into harder and deeper pain. The YESSES in partnering with GOD are hard…but they also are the most deeply rewarding, awe inspiring labor and birthing gifts that I can ever describe.

Success and true TREASURES oftentimes are found in digging, pushing, clawing, screaming, stretching and sweating your way into your bliss, gifts and happiness……

I rejected the spirit of ABORTION in every doubt that popped into my mind through the adoption process. The mental game was hard telling me I couldn’t do it…it would ruin my family…I wasn’t good enough or strong enough…the kids would be broken..but we looked the spirit of ABORTION in the face and screamed out JESUS LIVES AND HIS GRACE IS ENOUGH…thus our daughters name GRACE EJIGAYEHU FALCHOOK

Now Grace is moving out through our door into her door as a WOMAN with her own story of success that we are blessed to be a part of…

NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING in this world in the form of trophies, money or badges or certificates can compare to that. I am so grateful that GOD tells us to choose LIFE so our children can LIVE….and He redeems our NOs into opportunity after opportunity to say YES and partnering with Him in birthing what HE knits into this world…

so… to GRACE…’GOOOOOOO into your future. I stand here remembering your birthmom BAYOUSH who whispered in your ear as she was about to head to heaven for you to GO, be strong and stand alongside your sister and brother….Go into your awesome success story….and birth GREAT THINGS “

I know she is watching too… #adoption #prolife #abortion #christian