Heave is For Real! Is Heaven Real? I saw heaven.
What Does Heaven look Like?

I saw glimpses of Heaven.

“Father, Son and Holy Ghost!”

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”

I grew up in the Lutheran Church where we would often mention the Holy Ghost. But I didn’t experience an understanding in my heart, soul or in my mind as to what this meant really. The Holy Ghost (ah hem HOLY SPIRIT) just wasn’t really explained to me. I grew to love Jesus deeply. I was told that when Jesus died we then were given the gift of the Holy Ghost …but then…..crickets (what did that mean)?. When i was young I prayed and would see glimpses of Jesus in my life. He interceded for me (although I didn’t know what intercession even was). Jesus was there. God was my Father but I wasn’t quite sure what the Holy Ghost was.

Years later I stepped into a North Carolina Baptist Church with my unconventional family. We were the minority in the church. My husband was a Christian Jew/from NYC…that was enough material for the Baptists of the church to enjoy an always humorous introduction: “Bobbi Jean, I want you to meet the Falchook’s. Mark is from NYC and JEWISH (but now he loves Jesus). “ It was in this church – where I was told that whatever was written in the Bible about the Pentecost ( speaking of tongues and gifts of the spirit) was absolutely NOT for the times we are living in. Ironically, that’s just about the time that I started to learn what the Holy Spirit was. I became baptized in the Holy Spirit in a Baptist Church that did not welcome the ‘weirdness’ of speaking in tongues, prophetic words, visions and/or heaven converging into the earth. I am grateful for my sneaky spirit-filled friend who held prayer time off hours in the church and knew that the Holy Spirit was alive today just like during the Pentecost . In the very church that adamantly preached about the illegitimacy of the ‘‘gifts of the spirit’ in today’s time, i started with my YABBA DABBA DOOS….aka speaking in tongues. This was never discussed as a part of knowing the Holy Ghost in my Lutheran Church either.

So there I was, the Lutheran girl with the NYC Jewish Christian husband trying to fit in by not standing out. I started speaking fluently in tongues ( or an angelic language) in a church that opposed such manifestations. I didn’t even know what tongues were at first and there I was speaking fluently….with the HOLY GHOST

Eventually we left that church to become a part of a different church community where that type of Holy Spirit presence wasn’t as foreign. And then I remember seeing people do things like falling to the ground during worship or other ‘embarrassing’ things like that…It would make me laugh. And then one day I was on the stage with my son who was being prayed for and a guest preacher with a healing gift somehow zapped me with an invisible ball of fire that set me on my back…. Once I saw and heard angels for 24 hours worshiping in the woods as well as my home. Then there were the weird times I was laughing uncontrollably and lots more peculiar and UNUSUAL things that looked like we were in theater class in high school.

I like to consider myself someone who lives authentically. I don’t just fall on the floor PRETENDING to feel Jesus. I refuse to fall over just because a preacher presses my head even when the entire line in front of me looked like a human dominoes game. . But there came a time when all these things that used to be weird to watch actually happened to me and became NATURAL or so natural they were SUPER NATURAL.

COLOSSIANS 3:1-2 Put On the New Self

bIf then you have been raised with Christ, seek cthe things that are above, where Christ is, dseated at the right hand of God. eSet your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Back in October of 2018, i started praying and would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit come on me so much that I now shake when in prayer. This is a regular thing now for me. So, I tell you all of this to set up how it was that I saw glimpses of heaven.

I had heard of people somewhere seeing heaven. But i never really thought much of it. Sort of like the Holy Ghost thing, I heard of it but didn’t really investigate or consider it something that would be relevant to me.

My mother died and Jesus let me see heaven…

is that weird???

My mother had been in hospice at my sister’s house for 14 months. For the last 6 months of her life I would decree to her, “Mom there is no separation. Plus, Jesus will figure out a way for me to visit you. in Heaven” I believed that was a possibility but did I really think that would happen? I was not 100% sure. I wanted to believe. I had seen angels and heard them sing. I had been spirit-filled for 15 years but I had never been given access to heaven before. Every visit, I told her the same thing, i said, “Mom, I will travel to visit you even while I am still here.”. One time she looked at me quite strangely like she was going to laugh…. and i said, “well mom, you are the one who always told me that I can do all things through Christ.” This would end with a thumbs up from her. One time as she was sleeping and had been mostly non verbal, I started speaking in tongues audibly. She opened her eyes and said, “I have no idea what you are saying.” I then said, “Oh mom, that’s okay you weren’t supposed to. I’m speaking what the Holy Spirit is telling me to say. I don’t know what I’m saying either.” Again she gave me a thumbs up.

DEUTERONOMY 29:29 “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

My mom passed away at about 11pm on a Friday. We were keeping vigil at her bedside but fell asleep around 930pm that night. When we woke up it felt like it had been 6 hours but it was only about 2 hours. We were stunned to find out that she had taken flight into heaven without us seeing the exact moment. We went back to sleep (believe it or not) after discovering she had died, with her in the room with us. I obviously had a hard time falling back to sleep. The room was very peaceful and heavy with the Holy Spirit and I just closed my eyes and imagined my mother. I imagined what she was doing. Then I fell into like a frozen sleep that made me simultaneously aware of everything. SEE HERE FOR MY HEAVEN’S LIBRARY EXPERIENCE library in heaven…

So here are some of the observations and glimpses that I had on my visit to heaven:

MANSIONS – I visited a giant mansion that was a larger, cleaner, more ornate and more expensive version of a family home that had been the centerpiece for get togethers. It had been in the family for about 100 years. The whole family that had gone into heaven prior was there to greet my mom. It was like a big Sunday dinner. It somehow wasn’t weird that i was there. The emphasis was on my mom though. She was younger. She was about 40 and didn’t have gray hair anymore. She was very happy there. There was a back door that was sort of like a garage door that opened up into a giant amphitheater.

AMPHITHEATER: This was an area where people would gather to worship and praise God. We were facing a really big white building which I believed housed the seat of God. I wasn’t allowed to see or place my eyes on God.

SPA: I know this sounds funny but at one point i was enveloped in a spa where I was encapsulated into a cloud like healing treatment. I could feel it all over my physical body.

Sound: I was very aware that sound came in like breezes that were very strong but couldn’t be felt by the physical body even though the waves/breezes were shown to me.

Music: There are notes between notes in heaven.

Color: At one point I absorbed into color. These particular colors were blue, beige, purple and there was a pattern with a flower.

Clothing: My mom was dressed in this awesome bluish cinderella gown that had a red sash that went across her top right shoulder down below her heart. She was gorgeous. The red sash was velvet. There were also hunter green velvet ropes or layers tthat fell down the blue dress.

Main Street: There was a Main Street that was like Disney World with a Castle at the end. Only this was paved with gold and so much larger, real and elaborate and an actual city center.

RV: My Uncle Emil had a home that was a giant RV that was driving down Main Street. I couldn’t tell if it was to parade my mom but it felt like it was a special occasion.

Swim: You could swim in the air like it was water.

Library: See the previous post. But there also were meeting rooms without conference tables like little rehearsal rooms with pillows on the floor where we would sit and plan events and projects in life with specific Angels. Human travelers that are still alive can only access the part of the library where the books/music/art are in process of being brought into the earth.

Post Office: I know this sounds strange but there was a release center where messages from Heaven (like feathers, coins, butterflies) would be released into the earth as heavenly gifts and signs to those on earth.

Social Media Control: There was a place where all of the battles of social media and earth’s media is being planned and dictated. Looked similar to those control rooms for rocket launches.

Faith Reuters – another dream was a letter i received signed Faith Reuters ..it was as if it were a giant heavenly press release sent into the earth.

Organized: Heaven is very organized and planned. This makes me very nervous because I am not. Since seeing this vision I have been so aware of how I need to plan and organize things better.

Glory Smoke: There is glory smoke in heaven and sometimes angels smoke it.

Joy: There is alot of fun and joy there.

Authority: My mother had great authority in heaven. It was very interesting. It was as if she was in charge of the library. She was very confident and took me on a tour and then told me when I had to leave. She wasn’t sad. It was matter of fact and she knew we would meet again and it felt like it would be often. Sort of like just going back to your own home…

Card: I was given a white card like a key to go there again.

Physical: It feels more physical and vibrant than this actual world we live in. Earth is dull comparatively.

At one point I saw my mom flying in an airplane doing loop de loops with her friend Alice. They were laughing so hard. I had never seen my mom laugh so hard. She had taken a flight in real life as a teen ager with her friend Alice but this heavenly flight was so joyous to watch..

So these were my glimpses during that night and the next night after my mom died. I do not think I have had any visions or dreams like that since. But what this vision has done for me is to give me a confidence and clarity in my purpose here in the earth. When we know that Heaven is real and yet living on earth is a gift, it makes us a bit more intentional on what we are doing here. We have work to do and there are heavenly truths that are looking for its people to deliver the messages, visions, words, art into this place without delay. It was evident that we have HELP.. We have angelic HELP sent and commanded by God (he commands the angels concerning us). The problem is that so many of us fail to take action. It is time to take action and pull heaven into the earth and understand that we are already living a supernatural life, but it is time to open our eyes, mouths and ears and set up daily meetings to intentionally hear from God through prayer to know our next steps.

So, my mother died and I saw heaven. The Holy Ghost is with us here in the earth. Life moves by fast, don’t delay and make creating your art and living out your calling…. serious business.

On the Day of Pentecost the following occurred: The Holy Spirit, in fulfilling prophecies of both Jesus and John the Baptist, descended in a unique way upon all the believers, giving them power for service; the outpouring of the Holy Spirit began the church age; the disciples were both baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit; the sign of speaking in unknown languages was given to the disciples as evidence of the arrival of the Holy Spirit; and finally, on this birthday of the church when the Holy Spirit descended upon all the believers, Peter preached the first sermon of the church age and three thousand people were converted.