Are you a creative entrepreneur in Network Marketing (aka a creative network marketer)?

Were you the type of person who drew outside of the lines when you were a kid? Were you the kid who got in trouble from your grade school teacher because you knew a more creative way to draw a picture or write the poem?

Perhaps you are a new influencer in Network Marketing and finding it difficult to find your groove in MLM!

Entrepreneurs are by nature out of the box thinkers. The world needs creative thought leaders for technology and businesses to evolve.

Does Network Marketing Embrace Creative Influencers?

Humans have been innovating from a primal place since the beginning of time. Cavemen didn’t sit around following rules from some BOSS caveman when they were inspired to create the wheel.

Creativity and intellectual evolution is a necessary and natural aspect of human nature. It’s an ancient instinct to try something new and different when the old thing doesn’t produce the same results. Our minds are wired to create and discover better systems. Leaders who opt to build creatively in network marketing will naturally develop unique systems foreign to some traditional network marketers.

What do Elon Musk and Creative Network Marketers Have in Common?

Creative network marketers brains float into hyperdrive just as fast as Elon Musk’s decision to launch a Tesla into space. Unfortunately, these dynamic think tanks are often told to abort the mission and sit quietly in the MLM observation deck. Some influencers are encouraged to stop innovating and idly stand by until they learn to navigate their businesses within ‘the system.’ Because of this many well-connected influencers have resisted launching their MLM businesses even when the potential for sales is massive.

Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing is an Innovative and Creative Concept!

Network Marketing, by nature, is a highly innovative and genius concept.

Social Media Influencers and Network Marketing

There’s brilliance in finding a way to be compensated generously by connecting networks together via online influence.

Network marketing/multi-level marketing has been an industry ahead of its time for so long. The industry’s time has come and could potentially be more robust with more people buying online.

But is the industry willing to inject some creative marketing into their corporations?

Understanding successful social media influencers monetizing their personal brands is essential to the future of Network Marketing.

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Network Marketing is growing and offers freedom because of its innovative compensation commission plans that provide true passive income potential. I can attest that there are companies with lucrative compensation plans whose stellar products build loyal and solid customer acquisition. I am a virtual franchise owner in one of those companies. I love helping to launch businesses for influencers looking for additional ways to monetize their brand.

Some Network Marketers Resemble Cavemen!

Still, many creative marketers are getting the stink eye from life-long sellers who refuse to consider marketing alternatives?

Like old cave-dwellers, traditionalists would rather live without the creation of the wheel. There is so much misunderstanding and push back toward new marketing ideas of new distributors who try to come up with original and innovative approaches to SELLing products.

These new social sellers see a need for the industry to evolve. But some network marketing companies continue to take marketing advice from successful but often clueless top sellers who have been on their payroll since the days of cassette tapes.

Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Always Equate to Creativity!

The truth is that not all entrepreneurs are CREATIVE. Some want to make money and follow a system because it worked before Mark Zuckerberg entered college. Many top leaders in the network marketing industry learned excellent methods, and it worked for them. However, they insist their teams follow their systems exclusively. I understand this approach when the system works or is compatible with the vision of the new business partner. However, the problem is, there’s more than one way to ‘skin a cat’ (pardon the pun).

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Creative people entering Network Marketing come into the industry because most of them are independent thinkers and leaders. The “my way or the highway,’ attitude will only work with new distributors innocent to digital marketing. This ‘stay within the lines’ approach works for those new network marketers. But it fails for the ones with the most potential to build massive networks from their current audiences.

Influencers are Similar to Christopher Columbus!

Antiquated marketing won’t work for the new influencers entering the industry. These new world navigators see the industry with Christopher Columbus type vision. The world of Network Marketing isn’t flat. Some see a horizon out there that is curving and offering more significant opportunity.

For most creative network marketers, the adventure into the unknown is a natural journey that they don’t want to miss out on. These creative entrepreneurs typically understand the digital landscape better than the event coaches still directing their new recruits to three Facebook posts a day and ‘happy birthday’ wishes.

However, I do believe that every creative marketer needs to learn to apply the foundational principles of their industry first before improvising. For example, to play jazz and improvise, one first must learn the chords and scales. To learn to dance in ballet, you have to learn the foundational moves and positions. To play basketball, you have to know the drills before you can twist and do the splits mid-air on the layup. Moreover, in Network Marketing, there are basic moves to learn that are invaluable lessons for success.

Creative Entrepreneurs and Network Marketing – A Natural Fit!

Network Marketing is starting to attract extremely creative people who have built businesses and money from their creativity and networks. Many have built other companies online. Many have made millions on Instagram, YouTube, Live-Streaming, Blogging, or Gaming.

Whatever their past, they are drawn to Network Marketing because they see it as a great way to build additional income streams alongside their personal brands. These influencers with millions of online followers, believe the sector offers financial and time freedom. Many of them made a sometimes mistaken assumption that economic and time freedom in Network Marketing also meant creative freedom. This still is sadly up for debate.

Network marketing should welcome the creation of a new wheel.

Too many potential network marketing rock stars have grown disheartened after being scolded for daring to test a new online strategy or way of selling products still within compliance.

Famous and Creative World Changers!

Steve Jobs dreamt of having a computer that would fit in his pocket. People told him he was crazy. Imagine if he sat back and listened!


Walt Disney imagined dominating the industry of entertainment. He started by drawing a mouse in his garage and narrating Mickey’s voice onto film (while he wore a suit)—a hilarious sight!

Elon Musk imagined a self-driving car and citizenship on Mars.

Without these ideas and people going first we would still be faxing, animating in flip-books and cranking a lever on the front of a car to get it started.

I started in Network Marketing as a Blogger and YouTube Influencer. I went all in and built my team fast by utilizing Facebook groups in 2013. Everyone in the industry told me I was crazy, mainly since I was focusing on a narrow niche in my area of influence – adoption, ministry, orphan care. I was told to stick to the system and not attract too small of a demographic. I earned my first million in 3 years. Now, Facebook has changed. My unique and creative entrepreneurial mind sees online systems and ways to sell things in a better way.

New Systems Are Needed For the Industry To Survive!

So for me, connecting with people on Linkedin, Blogging, and using Pinterest as a search engine is producing results in recruiting. But I’ve encountered head nods (think of that dog toy stuck to the dash of grandma’s car) and grave concerns of people tsking, ‘stick to the system.’ Sticking to the Facebook system that worked years ago would be insanity. However, MLM corporate trainers are still coaching the slow build of posting consistently, messaging, and waiting for leads. I shake my head and say to myself, ‘I like to move fast. This process is too slow for me. ‘

Network Marketing is perhaps one of the most amazing industries for creative entrepreneurs if you can navigate the people who try to tell you the world is flat. You have to understand who you are as a creative network marketer and be bold to go into the unknown while first learning the basics of driving the ship. Use your creativity wisely. Don’t disrespect the great wisdom of people who have successfully navigated within the lines. There’s much to be learned from them.

However, if you are like me, you will still be looking for new systems and new ways. After all, the first guy to suggest a three-way call, video, or emailing instead of FedExing was probably dismissed as being a rebel too. Amazing to see how those ‘crazy’ rebels are looked at as geniuses when their rogue system produces excellent results.

Let’s not stop being that person who courageously questions the norm. Let’s be brave enough to help the industry we love evolve into something even better. For me, that means leaving the flat world of old systems behind and venturing into the curvature of the digital landscape.

Who wants to join me?