I have found the greatest paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Mother Teresa

I’ve always loved the quote by Mother Teresa that encourages us to love outside of our comfort zones.

Cinderella’s Shoes Were Uncomfortable!

When we first glance at Cinderella (the beautiful princess) we see a woman who has it all, beauty, a great wardrobe and the almost guaranteed engagement to the most eligible bachelor in the kingdom. She fixes her glance into the eyes of her true love and there is no pain, no burning fires, no abandonment, no abusive step-sisters and no locks on the doors.

How many times do we look in on a situation with beautiful people and assume these people have danced through life unscathed?

Are you willing to love until it hurts?

How often do we pass judgement and assume that the moment on the dance floors of life have come out of comfort and ease to others but not to us?

We frequently seem to downplay the hard work, bruises, scars and tears that brought leaders to their positions on high.

Cinderella had to push her way into the Ball to dance with the Prince. Cinderella had to defy her captors, kick down a door and figure out a way to make an impressive entrance without the resources that most people in the kingdom had. But she found a way.

Glass slippers are not easy to dance in. But Cinderella was used to traveling through the hard surfaces of life and knew the rewards would outweigh the pains.

Living a purposeful life requires sacrifice…

There are opportunities all around you that may lead you into your LIFE’S PURPOSE and your DANCE OF A LIFETIME. But it is quite possible that you are afraid of accepting an invitation that may initially be uncomfortable at first.

It isn’t easy to make a decision that others disagree with. Maybe you are called to a new job or a move away from the friends you have been hanging out with. Maybe you know it is time to breakup with someone or quit a bad habit….


The fulfillment of your destiny may be impossible without you being willing to make a move…a step.. a leap. Sometimes you have to kick down a door and crash the party other people don’t want you to attend…

Finding greater love, greater reward often times means making greater sacrifices.

Are you ready for the dance of a lifetime? Are you willing to dance in glass slippers even if it hurts?

It’s time Cinderella to claim your position and waltz into your destiny. But it takes courage. You are made for greatness. Don’t avoid your greatest moment out of your fear of the uncomfortable moves.

Cinderella knew the greatest risk of her life may lead to the greatest reward.

You deserve your moment on the dance floor.

Step into the shoes God has created specifically for you!

Stand tall!

Be willing to fall!

And never regret leaving your smoky cottage behind.

You were made for the castle dance floors…