Cinderella’s Step-Sisters and Step-Mother Were Mean Girls

But Cinderella’s Step-Mother and Step-Sisters excluded Cinderella. Cinderella believed she was destined for greatness. But there were few opportunities for her to escape the oppression she was in. The people in her life that had the most say and power demanded her to stay home and stick to her usual chores and remain in her tattered and burning position as a servant girl.

The King was looking for a pure bride for the Prince to marry. He knew the future Daughter of the King would be found amidst the commoners in the village below. So He sent out an invitation to the entire Kingdom. All eligible females were invited to the Ball.

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God Loves You And Never Excludes You!

How many of us feel oppressed by others? How many times have we believed that we missed our best opportunity or calling because SOMETHING or SOMEONE held us back? Most of us see defiance as a negative and will opt to obey and compliantly stay in line when those who are our supervisors or bosses tell us to stay behind. We remain in our meager positions quietly tending to our chores and taking care of our USUAL BUSINESS….BUT….

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What happens when you know you are destined for something better? What do you do when possibly the most significant opportunity of your life is presented to you, and others uninvite you? What should you do? 

Obedience to God is More Important Than Obedience to Man!

Cinderella was good. You are good. But the question is, “are you really in defiance if you obey the calling of God in your life?” If flawed humans (and in Cinderella’s case – abusive) are holding you back from the life’s work that God has written for you, should you obey God or man? 

Luke 16:13 – No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Cinderella believed she would ascend the stench of the musty cottage. Cinderella knew the King was a good Father and would not exclude her. But she had a dilemma. Should Cinderella defy her step-mother and suffer the consequences or obey her King and possibly win the prize? She believed this was her chance to find her freedom and walk into her ultimate position as Princess/Queen to bring forth life into the Kingdom and justice into the land. So she defied her oppressors and called upon super-natural favor to carry her to the Ball. Still, there was always the chance that she would NOT be chosen as the future Queen and have to suffer great punishment due to her disobedience. 

1 Timothy 6:12 (ESV)

12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Cinderella Demands Her Happily Ever After!


Sometimes you have to accept the invitation even when others threaten to destroy you if you step out of line. Sometimes, you have to kick down a door and make a grand entrance to demand the dance with your true love. Sometimes, the only person holding you back from your destiny is you. There comes a time when you must demand your happily ever after and show up uninvited.  

God (aka the KING OF KINGS), has a destiny and plan for your life. You are always invited to step into His favor and His plans for you. But you are also required to take action. Cinderella cried out and received super-natural help to design a dress, build a chariot, and provide her glass slippers.

You may be holding onto a million sorry excuses as to why you are still in the musty cottage by the fire. But Cinderella had zero resources. All she had was faith and a knowingness that SHE was destined to sit beside the King. Cinderella took action. The action was a call out for angels of God to come to her rescue and supernaturally provide everything she needed to sparkle brighter than any other girl at that dance. You have everything it takes to transcend your excuses, take action and run into your destiny!

CINDERELLA POEM: Arise From The Ashes And Dance!

Beautiful princess, what are you doing in the ashes?

Beautiful princess, why do you cry?

Bright and chosen one, why are you continuing to freeze as you tend to the fierce fire?

You were made to sparkle!

You were created to shine!

Your throne is waiting!

Your true love has been waiting for you to stand,

Take a step toward the dance of a lifetime,

Your true love is standing by to embrace you and take you out of the fire!

Beautiful princess! Beautiful Cinderella!

Beautiful one in the ashes…

It’s time to kick down a door and run to your Prince.

Arise Cinderella!

Arise from the Ashes!

Arise Cinderella…. The King is sparing no expense to receive you.

Put on your shoes and run up the hill,

Kick down a door,

Make a grand entrance!

And take your position in the dance with your Prince,

Stand beside the King,

And trade those ashes for the eternal sparkles that have been waiting to adorn you…

Your happily ever after is now..

©2019 Deanna Falchook (Cinderella Mindset)