Mean girls are everywhere! And as Taylor Swift likes to sing “Haters gonna hate!”

When you are the target of hate, envy, ridicule or taunting by the haters in your life you may want to consider that it may be because they see the greatness in you!

AND for some of us the bullying has almost caused us to shrink back from our destinies and hide in our own little corners licking the wounds of our fragile souls.

People can be mean. And well MEAN GIRLS can be really ruthless.

Sometimes it is really difficult task to figure out why some people are hell-bent on seeing you fail. The oppression and abuse of co-workers can feel like torture. But most great leaders have gone through some form of bullying or destructive tactics by people who for some reason made it a project to keep them burning in the cinders.

We all have our own version of a Cinderella story. Perhaps you are trying desperately to advance in your job or gain favor from your peers, but SOMEONE or a group of ‘step-sisterish’ people conspire to keep you from ascending into your royal authority.

Cinderella Boss Babe over the Mean Girl Haters

We can learn a lot from the story of Cinderella.

She was beautiful! Smart! A hard worker! Had a pretty singing voice. Animals loved her. She had the perfect feet. And had great favor on her life. Cinderella was a destined princess.

The mean Girls Knew Cinderella Was Destined to Be the Boss!

The mean girls could see that Cinderella was a leader in the making. She had something they would never have – a bright future in the sparkles. The step-sisters knew Cinderella didn’t belong in the smoky cottage.

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Cinderella worked hard, waited for the perfect moment, continued to sing in the smoke and BROKE THROUGH the mean girl chains. She danced into her destiny by kicking down doors of bondage.

In the end, Cinderella married the Prince and became a part of the most powerful family in the land. In the end, she ruled a nation. In addition, she most likely was carrying the future of the kingdom in the form of the children she would one day bear.

Cinderella Boss Babe over the Mean Girl Haters from the Cinderella Mindset

Mean girls and haters will never be able to steal your destiny. So rule like a boss babe over the mean girls in your life. Stand confidently with the knowledge that you were made to live in the castle (not the cinders).

Haters Gonna Hate and Then Bow To The Queen!

Haters are gonna hate! Mean girls will try and try to destroy or possess the gifts that we have. But nobody can steal your blessing. You are destined for greatness! The ripped dresses, ridicule, jealous rants, demeaning looks from mean girls become irrelevant when you stand tall with your crown on your head watching as the haters bow.

Don’t be discouraged!

Stand in your beauty!

Rise into your authority!

Work hard and sing through the ugly step-sister taunting.

You my dear are a daughter of the KING!

Don’t ever forget it!!!!