Are you being called to write? Are you a writer but have hidden that part of yourself from the world?

Does it feel like God is speaking to you?

And when you hear God speaking to you what is your response?

Do you keep notes? Do you make a mental note? Do you place it on paper or the computer? Do you share it? Do you tell yourself you will get to writing it down one day? Or are you actively trying to write but you keep getting interrupted?

Are you longing to speak out the words but you feel like you are being silenced?

Does it feel as if you are having to move mountains to write that book, blog post, or poem? Are you longing to sing that song but stop yourself because you are afraid it isn’t good enough or relevant?

Do you have a vision and long to put it on paper in the form of a picture but you critique the masterpiece after one brush stroke? Are you being given a word of knowledge, a glimpse of truth, or word that God has given you but you feel like people will laugh at it if you share it?

There has been a collective spiritual battle combined with a simultaneous calling by God for His people to produce and publish what He is creating in them? The problem is that so many people with great WORDs and insight from the Holy Spirit are editing truth, wisdom and beauty simply by not picking up a pen, computer, instrument, brush when the inspiration hits them. In the beginning was the Word….. God used His very breath to create all things… We are a part of that. Creation responds by growing, extending its branches to be watered by the One whose seed is planted in the very core of their being. We have been planted into the earth by God’s WORD and breath and in the core of who we are …… we long to respond.

I have been writing the same book for over 3 years. I have one book in my archives that was written in 2012. I have one more in a file on my computer with 10 chapters written. I have two more that I know I am supposed to write next. AND I have one that I wrote in 2009 that did very well called TO BE A MOTHER that I have been intending to release a 2nd edition of once I ‘get around’ to changing the cover to my married name.

In the past few years my desire to write has increased. It has increased as the WORD and WORDS of God have increased inside of me. And as I have grown deeper in my faith and walk with Him I long to shout and praise His goodness through words, rhymes, songs, dances. Recently, I had a super-natural experience and was blessed to visit a library in Heaven (following my mother’s death). While there I was given a deeper understanding of my purpose and the deep seriousness of God’s desire for the scribes to get busy here in the earth . I have grown more determined since realizing that the Holy Spirit is longing to pull Heaven into the earth through the scrolls He has implanted into the core of His people. The Holy Spirit is speaking to so many of His creation but we are editing God (or the insight that He is birthing through us) and we are aborting information that would bring life into God’s masterpiece. We are editing God out of the earth during a time when there are louder voices in the earth that shout lies and hatred toward the very one who created them.

Gen 1: in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

When you read Genesis 1 you see that God created this earth out of nothing. He then spoke….and called light into being. “God said… God called…He blessed…. ”. The voice of God created the universe. Whatever the WORD (WORDS) were that came out of His mouth when HE SAID…brought physical matter into being. His breath created impact. He called out so that the light came into being and life was created and life responded. Life responded by growing, multiplying, yielding fruit, giving birth, flowing abundantly at the sound of the WORD and voice of God that entered into the root, branches, ears, hearts and souls of His creation. He placed His mouth on the nostrils of man and breathed into Him. After that God placed man in a world that was flourishing with life and allowed Him to see over the life that God had created. He gave him the ability to collaborate with GOD in creating what He has expressed…because what is inside of us and what we hear and see (when we are intimate and listen to HIM)…is HIM…the WORD…. Life responded when He spoke.

As His creation are we still responding when He breathes life and prophetic words and insight into us? Our desires to create are a natural result of the fact that we are HIS ….we are His breath. Are we bringing life into this earth? Are we flourishing and growing from the seeds He has planted in us? Or are we stagnant and not watering what He has planted. Too many of us are holding our breaths even though He has been giving us prophetic words to release?

I Corinthians 3: 7 So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8He whoplantsandhe whowatersareone in purpose ,andeachwill be rewardedaccording tohisownlabor.9For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.…

In the past couple of years I have had many conversations with my friends regarding the call to create. Many of them are deeply connected to the Word of God and are baptized in the Holy Spirit. And they clearly are talented. But most of those WORDS die and flow through them as fleeting thoughts and images. Just as God is continually breathing in inspiration ….there is a battle that causes His people to slowly watch the transformative truth die without His people taking the charge in producing the content of Heaven.


The passion translation of the new testament (by Brian Simmons) in John 1…John 1 TPT—In the very beginning the Living Expression was already there. And the Living…

The Word, God, Jesus is the Living Expression that existed in the very beginning. The WORD (aka the living expression and logos) is the very Creator and foundation for life. And ‘life responded’ . …

But is it still responding….?

God’s legacy was the living expression of Himself in the form of Jesus. His WORD/LOGOS. My mother wrote down her legacy in a spiral bound notebook that means so much to my family now that she is gone. She worked in a medical office as the records keeper. She deeply loved God and her family and she documented through geneology and stories. The distribution so far of her work in SHIRLEY’S LEGACY has been to a handful of people who loved her. Her desire was for her descendants to understand who she was and where she came from. Shirley’s Legacy didn’t become a best seller and as she mentions in her book most people will not know her name in 100 years… She wrote out of a desire to prophetically replicate the very compulsion of God in expressing Himself in creative form. Her desire was to breathe out the prompting of the Holy Spirit. God told her to write it down and she did. She wrote one book. She helped gather enough documents in the form of her geneology for us to spend weeks putting family puzzles and mysteries together. She self published, self distributed, didn’t have a blog or an online community. BUT…… she completed the work without editing the job that God had given her. And her little piece of writing is GOLD to those of us who loved her. What you are desiring to create is relevant. Shirley didn’t write to become a best seller. Shirley wrote to bring God’s scroll -that was given to her …into the earth. She didn’t edit God. And we have an opportunity to write with Him if we choose to slow down, pray, listen, praise Him and engage in the creative process by allowing Him to breathe through us too…

Thus the universe was created as the LIVING EXPRESSION (logos…word) . Jesus is the Living Creation of God and so are you.He created us as His son’s and daughters with the DNA and blood of Christ moving through us….By nature we long to respond.

What is the story of the Living Expression? There is darkness and God creates life/light. That light comes to speak life into being and creation responds to bring life and light somehow through the darkness. The darkness tries to overtake it and bury it, but a Word is spoken, a prophecy is fulfilled, a veil is torn and truth is revealed and born so that humanity is saved. Then the saints/disciples/great witnesses document it. The scribes Paul, Peter, John, Solomon, Job, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, David…. wrote the words that God had given them. They wrote down the legacy and became the living expression of God by penning His prophecy, commandments, songs, parables, stories and prayers. Much of what is written is prophecy compiled through prayer and contemplation of the LORD.

1 Thessalonians 5:19–22

19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecies, 21 but test everything; hold fast to what is good. 22 Abstain from every form of evil.

Sam Storms says in his article “10 Things to Know About Judging the Prophetic” that it is a sin to despise prophecy. Of course he continues to discuss the very real importance of discernment. But the scripture says

“hold fast to that which is good.”

Much of the bible was written through people writing poetry and songs to Jesus…This scripture that is so well known was actually a poem or song written for believers in Christ (like most of Psalms is ).

JOHN 1: The Living Expression

In the very beginning the Living Expression was already there.

And the Living Expression was with God, yet fully God.

They were together—face-to-face, in the very beginning.
And through his creative inspiration
    this Living Expression made all things,
    for nothing has existence apart from him!
Life came into being because of him,
    for his life is light for all humanity.
And this Living Expression is the Light that bursts through gloom—
    the Light that darkness could not diminish!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.25.34 PM.png

LIVING EXPRESSION/WORD is: The Greek is logos, which has a rich and varied background in both Greek philosophy and Judaism. The Greeks equated logos with the highest principle of cosmic order. God’s logos in the Old Testament is his powerful self-expression in creation, revelation, and redemption. In the New Testament we have this new unique view of God given to us by John, which signifies the presence of God himself in the flesh. Some have translated this rich term as “Word.” It could also be translated “Message” or “Blueprint.” Jesus Christ is the eternal Word, the creative Word, and the Word made visible. He is the divine self-expression of all that God is, contains, and reveals in incarnated flesh. Just as we express ourselves in words, God has perfectly expressed himself in Christ.

Here is what I believe…. God is available to us. God wants to connect with us. God is speaking to us when we reach out to Him through Jesus. HE wants to give us great gifts. He plants seeds for us. He whispers to us. His breath floats through the air and sings, speaks, inspires, teaches us the genius that so desperately is needed in the world. He is still breathing as long as we are. We are alive and can choose to give birth to what He is longing to create with us. Or we can edit the transformative ideas, life saving inspiration, innovative discoveries, beautifying pictures, motivating music and spirit-filled stories from this world… ARE WE as LIVING EXPRESSIONS willing to respond and pull the WORD and prophecy and heavenly gifts into the world….?

It is time…..He is ready to lavish you with favor, wisdom and radical truth that could quite possibly make this world a better place…..

So call for the presence and deep relationship with Jesus who will be there to bring you to the throne room of God. Be humble and listen to the WORD..the breath of life…the LIVING EXPRESSION and when you hear from Him… finish the book, start the blog, draw the picture, sing the song, film the movie….. love Jesus and be a lamp into the world as you shine a spotlight and turn up an amplifier on the truth which says….

PSALM 34: 2-3 I’m boasting of you and all your works,
so let all who are discouraged take heart.
3 Join me, everyone! Let’s praise the Lord together.
Let’s make him famous!
Let’s make his name glorious to all.

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