November is National Adoption Month. This past Sunday over 12000 Churches globally celebrated International Orphan Sunday. Just as thousands of people globally were drawing awareness to the plight of actual children around the globe who are underserved and in need of families, The Baby Trump Tour found the eve prior to National Orphan Sunday to be a perfect time to protest the president with their giant Baby Trump balloon adoptions.

The Baby Trump Tour Advertises BALLOON ADOPTION during National Adoption Month.

This weekend a man in Tuscaloosa (Hoyt Hutchinson) deflated a giant Baby Trump balloon on display valued at $8000. It’s important to note that Hutchinson is employed as a Tire Maker with BF Goodrich (which is owned by Michelin). Michelin is well known for their own Michelin Man and Michelin Baby Balloons. 

Man with ties to the Michelin Man Slashes Baby Trump Balloon

The ‘Michelin Man’ Tire Maker stabbed the Baby Trump balloon to death by using a knife to cut an 8-foot gash into the spinal area of the 20-foot inanimate object. Just as the air went out of the pretend baby, you could hear the distress of the organizers who were traumatized and inconsolable in having to witness the writhing ‘baby’ balloon torturously gasping for air. It fell lifeless into a pile of latex so fast it wasn’t even able to call 911, from the cell phone it was holding.  It is reported that although the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon couldn’t be revived the Michelin Baby is doing fine.


While none of us advocate for the destruction of property or vandalism, the organization BABY TRUMP TOUR encourages use of the giant baby by referring to the rentals as ‘adoptions’ and personifies the balloons as human in their marketing material!

Trump Balloon Slashed by Man Working For Michelin

 The website describes the balloon babies as capable of being lonely if abandoned.

Our Babies are lonely and in need of good parents that will show them off.

The website implies balloon babies are worthy of being taken care of and adopted. They even ask for potential balloon ‘baby sitters’ to fill out adoption forms.  Meanwhile, national adoption month this year specifically is trying to draw attention to the 102,000 waiting kids still in foster care in the US.

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The tour website encourages the adoption of pretend babies.   

To promote the Tour, we created the Baby Trump Adoption Service. 

 If you are interested in adopting Baby Trump either for a short visit or an extended stay, please contact us to start the process.  

The “Baby Trump Tour” website goes on to discuss starting costs at $1500 to adopt (rent) a Baby Trump balloon. They also say they will help with ‘balloon adoption.’ 

Hoyt Hutchinson (aka Tire Maker of ‘Michelin Man’ balloon company) slashed the Baby Trump Balloon during national adoption month just a day before International Orphan Sunday. As the baby balloon was deflating and organizers were outraged, the abortion clinic down the road was performing 2nd trimester abortions up to 21 weeks. There was no outcry for justice or arrests for the violators of those babies.

Baby Trump Tour Encourages Balloon Adoption with No Mention To Actual Adoption During National Adoption Month

As an adoptive pro-life mother, I often hear liberal abortion advocates rationalize abortion by claiming pro-life, conservative, Christian advocates are inactive or uninvolved in adoption/foster care. The logic presumes that abortion is justified because there aren’t enough people to adopt. 

The truth is that the largest demographic of adoptive parents are conservative and Christian. 

The Baby Trump Tour website advertises $1500 rental fees for adoption (rentals) during protests. The money earned for this fake (protester) adoption would be better spent on actual adoptions. But liberal, pro-choice adoptive parents aren’t represented well as a majority in real adoptions. Also, each balloon is said to range between 6-8k for purchase. This organization owns 6 (enough to adopt an actual baby). This calculation doesn’t assume real rental income made in the duration of the Tour. 

The Washington Post has stated that the Tuscaloosa event raised “several thousands of dollars more than the $4000 needed..” 

In addition, liberal protesters who adopt the Baby Trump balloon are mocking the most pro-adoption, pro-baby, pro-life President we have had in years. The twisted spectacle of using a baby to call out President Trump continues to show liberal disdain for actual babies.

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Our plan is to run the Baby Trump Tour until the big baby himself is out of office.

While the slaying of a pretend baby occurred, actual human babies died via stab wounds within earshot of this attack. There were no reports of liberal protesters coming to the aid of the real dying babies in the local abortion clinic down the road performing abortions up to 21 weeks on that Saturday.

While we do not endorse the destruction of property, we can’t help but recognize the hypocrisy of protesters, with the mocking motto. 

Flying to save our democracy from the Liar-in-Chief.

We are happy that no actual babies were hurt in this protest and slashing.  The outrage and sadness expressed by the organizers regarding the Hoyt Hutchinson (the Michelin Man Balloon Tire Maker) slashing- while understandable – is ironic considering their over the top relentless mocking of not only the president but adoption itself.  Still, the Baby Trump Tour crew is determined to promote balloon adoption of the “big baby himself” while millions of children are in need of actual adoption.

Meanwhile, the Michelin Baby remains safe, in a good family and well loved as offers of support and care has increased since the incident.



Deanna Falchook is an adoption advocate, pro-life speaker author of “To Be a Mother” and the soon-to-be released “The Cinderella Mindset.” Deanna’s work has been featured in Charisma, Breitbart, 700Club, EWTN, and Faithwire. Deanna is the mom of 7 children (5 internationally adopted) and lives near Disneyworld in Orlando. You can contact Deanna on or Twitter @deannafalchook.