It’s behind you now,

The year…

And the New Year arrives as you sleep away the mist of yesterday,


The shock, struggle, deaths, births, ups, downs, failures, success, light and darkness…

It’s so clear, yet it’s all a blur…

All you know is that you stand looking into the new season now with 2020 vision,

Ready for the New of the New Year!

You look forward, your project, hope, dreams for the something better as you leap into the next day and next season and new year…

A New Year, a new life of circles around the sun and rotations and turning away and toward the moon that satellites and spotlights the dark paths and bright futures you’ve walked and you hope to walk faster and better…

It’s behind you now..

The year…

The sadness, the tears, the fears and yet also the beauty of the processes of life in all its complexities,

Dear God…bring your Heaven into this earth with more shine…more stars..

Bring your Heaven here in this earth that you’ve designed in all its tension, pressing, pulling and pushing,

Continue to birth your Heaven here in the earth,

Dear God…show us the hope, the rainbow, the promise, the Heaven that you have created,

Bring that Heaven here,

we need You now with all you bring as you breathe in and out and we swirl like tiny pieces of dust into this Universe you love…

Open our eyes with the 2020 vision of seeing only You, of wanting only You…of believing only You,

Because this yesterday brain fog of cloudiness, heaviness, and lost dreams is not the Heavenliness that exists when we look through Your lens, Your eyes, into tomorrow, into this next day, into all of the 365, 24/7, 60min, seconds and milliseconds that You have created here…In this wonderful, awesome, poor reflection of Heaven that you have named earth,

Help us to see better, give us Your eyes, give us Your heart, hope and belief that Your beautiful creation continues to expand in Your Glory even though sometimes the world seems to be imploding into us and onto us,

Help us, Dear God to see clear enough to make room for You,

Your Angels,

Your Heavens,

Your Glory in this earth…

Give us your EYES,

Your vision,

Your lens..

Because we long to see with the Eyes that tells us that all is well with the world!!!

Written by Deanna Falchook 2020 Copyright falchookproductions

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