It was never about the money for me.


Still, it was more about serving others and the freedom to work from home so we could be with the 5 children we adopted and the children we gave birth to.

My sweet friend Carolyn had 8 adopted kids and 7 by birth.  She also needed to find a way to contribute to the family income while still being able to work from home in her kitchen.

We were always motivated by adopting and possibly ending the orphan crisis (there are currently 163 million orphans).


Carolyn wanted to take her family on the mission field.

I wanted to get my family out of a financial pit. I also had a dream of eventually moving my family near Disney.

It was important to me that my kids developed a mindset that ingrained into them the belief that all things were possible.  I wanted my previously orphaned children to believe that orphans can be surrounded by castles and fireworks.



We found a business that specialized in science based nutrition.  We wanted our kids to eat better (nonGMO, GLUTEN FREE, no artificial sweeteners and flavorings, no soy).

IN addition, we noticed that care-givers and parents often were so focused on taking care of others that their health suffered.

We both started on a nutritional system that replenished our bodies while also helping the body to get into a state to detoxify itself via herbal tonics and intermittent fasting.  I dropped 3 stones (42lbs) and gained energy and a determination to help my friends feel better too. Carolyn didn’t need to lose weight but was a stressed out Mum who wanted more energy.

IN a relatively short time (BUT WITH WORKING SMART AND DILIGENTLY),  Carolyn and I both turned working from our living rooms, mini-vans and kitchens into multiple six figure incomes.  We both became company millionaires in 3 years.

Prior to finding this opportunity, I desperately was looking for SOMETHING that would give me the FREEDOM to be with my kids while contributing to the income of my family.

I didn’t have the background to be in NETWORK MARKETING and neither did Carolyn. But we figured it out and had a supportive and innovative company to help us.

Carolyn was able to take her family on the mission field and I was able to get out of that pit and take my family to live near DisneyWorld in Florida.

It is on my heart to share the love and help other mums like myself who are not quite sure where to begin but know that they have the determination to build a business on their own terms.

We are now expanding our business to the UK and are really excited to be opening our business to partner with Mums, Dads and anyone interested in making the world a better place by fueling the body with awesome superfood nutrition.



If you are interested in learning more. Or if you would like to be added to my private Facebook group where you can get started in learning more please connect with me via email at or by filling out this form.  WE also love getting referrals of Mums, Dads and others who are determined to build a business and become a full-time family: