What to Do When You’re Feeling Unsuccessful in Network Marketing!

I’ve had a lot of success.

But I’ve also struggled with a ‘slump’ here and there in the 4 years that I’ve been in Network Marketing.

I also have learned that highly successful people can often be very hard on themselves. Their expectations and goals are high, and when they ‘fail’ at reaching those goals,  the ‘self talk’ can get out of control and negative.

I entered the industry of Network Marketing and hit the ground running with massive success.  Then I hit a wall. One of the teams in my downline fell apart making my residual income slip back about 30-40%.

I have spent the past year and a half working hard building and seeing some slow growth and encouraging signs. But I’ve seen nothing “YET” in the form of the breakthrough I am looking for.

 I intend to build an income that consistently averages a million a year at least (to start).

I have some work to do.

I guess you could call these concerns ‘rich people problems.’ But the voice of discouragement doesn’t discriminate due to income brackets.

The interesting thing about having moments of being ‘stuck’ or ‘slowing down’ is that you get a chance to self-evaluate and grow.

Leaders are born through struggles, failures and adversity.

Will you persevere?

Do you give up the first time things roll back?

Are you committed to take this opportunity all the way?

I spend hours upon hours encouraging my team and have learned that the greatest enemy to success can be the voice of failure.

Getting your mindset straight is crucial.

Your attitude and character will grow oftentimes when your business isn’t.

So, I wanted to share some insight and tips on how to shift your perception of failure into a success mindset.


    Do you have a determination and commitment level that sustains you even when things get tough?

    I remember the day I said ‘yes’ to my Network Marketing Opportunity.

    I was broke and very defeated at the time. I remember thinking ‘maybe I’ll get lucky, but I’ll probably fail’.

    Something shifted inside of me and created a new dialogue that said:

    “I will not give up even if I feel discouraged and beaten down”.

    Make a decision to succeed and take action.

    You will be amazed at how much better you feel.


     You aren’t the only one who has struggled with slower seasons.  Anyone who has been in Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing knows that this is a business of persistence.

    I have witnessed top leaders who have  spent a couple of years or more in a ‘slump’ and then with their consistent activity, business picks up and grows as the team builds into a force.

    You do not have to accept the slumps and can push through them.

     I do think it is good to know that it is not uncommon to see surges and a rolling back at times.

    Give yourself a break and recognize that sometimes things just are slower.  And there are times when the slump could be company wide or industry wide.


    It helps to chat with people who have been in the business for awhile to share your struggles. They may have excellent strategies or affirmations to jolt you out of your feelings of ‘failure.’

    Do NOT ever isolate yourself and internalize your feelings.


    If you are experiencing feelings of failure or think you are not accomplishing your goals, remaining consistent and having a spirit of serving others will lift your spirits.

    Support and help your team! Volunteer in the community or at the kid’s school.  You will end up meeting potential customers and business builders in the process.  In addition, it will get your mind off of the problems that you have been amplifying in your mind.


    I found myself a little sad over something relating to parenting recently.

    I then made a list of all the things I was doing right and all of the accomplishments that remain un-noticed and have nothing to do with money.

    My kids have been achieving some incredible goals and breakthroughs that have come with consistent discipline and parenting.  It would be easy to continue to be frustrated with having to correct them constantly…but then you start to see the positive results from the consistency.

    Speak words of love and encouragement to yourself.

    Remind yourself of all of the things you have accomplished.

    Buy yourself flowers.

    Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and stop focusing on the ‘lack’ in your life.  Focus on the big picture.

    Consider keeping a journal of the success you’ve made and go back and read it when you feel discouraged.

  6. ?Remember Why You Started?

    When you get discouraged, remind yourself of why you started.

    Did you enter into your business because you saw it as a viable means to have unlimited earning potential?

    What other options do you have that offer the potential to not only give you financial freedom but time freedom?

    If you stopped today, what other opportunities do you have available to you that are better?  Do you love the product?

  7. ?HIT the RESET Button?

    Consider the slump a wake up call and put the energy into your business with the same passion that you did on day one.

    No matter how far you have come and how large your team is, do not take it for granted.

    I try to act as if I am still just coming out of the gate in this business and it is day one.

    If you have been in a slump …


    You can do this!

    Never give up!

    Work hard!

    Show yourself some grace!

    You are amazing!



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