10 Tips For Speaking At Your Network Marketing Event!

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It’s inevitable! If you are building a  team in Network Marketing, you will be asked at some point to take the stage at one of your corporate events.  This may be for one of your smaller regional events or the larger national events, but either way, as a leader you will find yourself speaking in front of people.

So get ready to train associates or tell your story to other business builders and your emerging team.    Once you build a team you will by proxy become a leader.  Leaders lead, therefore, you will need to speak to a group of people and coach them to success by sharing your insight and tips.

You will be training either on a large stage, small stage or over a video conferencing site.  But you will be speaking to your team and coaching them frequently.  And you will possibly be called to train people outside of your own team.

It comes with the territory.

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I have been in the entertainment business my entire life.  I had produced and performed at several events prior to entering into the industry of Social Selling.  Still,  I was surprised at how similar my life as an entertainer was to being a leader in Network marketing.  One of the first times I was asked to speak for an audience of over 4000 people, was at an event one year into my experience as a leader.   AND I was asked to take the stage with Eric Worre at a leadership event for my company.

If you have ever heard Eric speak, you know he is eloquent, organized, funny and delivers relevant and helpful content to build your business.  I was asked to share my story in less than 5 minutes and sit on a panel for about an hour fielding questions from Eric and the audience.  I was a bit nervous, but also gathered myself, practiced my story and timed it.  I also  tried to guess what some of his questions would be.  I also organized a few sound bites in my head of points I would want to convey to the audience that were helpful to the growth of new business builders.

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Here are 10 tips to successfully conveying your message on stage and being seen as an effective speaker and leader for your company and brand.

  1.  Build Your Team –  Your credibility on stage and as a leader has a lot to do with business performance.  Are you building a successful team?  Is corporate leadership seeing your growth?  Are you recruiting leaders into your team who also are seeing growth and have credibility? Are other members of your team rank advancing?

  2. Lead Local Events-Put yourself out there.  Host events in your home.  Host social events and become the regional leader for your company by stepping forward and producing opportunity events in your area.

  3. Respect the Time – Whether you are asked to speak for 20 minutes, 5 minutes or 40 minutes, it is imperative to respect the time that you are given.  You do not want to be the reason the event went overtime. Keep in mind that the organizers of the event are paying for the space, production costs etc. and being respectful of the time you are given sets you up to be a team player and professional.

  4. Be prepared – Know your message. Know your style. If you are a person who works off of an outline then know your outline. If you are someone who does better by being very rehearsed, then rehearse your message.   Also, make sure to have your slides organized and available for the production team.  Keep a copy of your powerpoint on dropbox as well as a thumb drive and make sure to download any videos as well.

  5. Dress for success – You want to look good and present yourself in the best way possible. Make sure to wear something that is not distracting but that is totally professional and represents your personal style. Be careful to have your makeup looking great but not distracting.  Wear awesome shoes (always important)! And if you are on a panel with benches, make sure you can get up on the bench comfortably.

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6.  Tell your story – Even if you end up rehearsing your content, make sure to deliver your message in a way that makes you sound like you are delivering it to your best friend.  Always share your story.  You may think people have heard it before but there are always new people who have never heard it.  In order for your content to be relevant to the audience, they need to connect with you first.  This will be accomplished by you telling your story.  Be authentic in the delivery and if you have a rags to riches story or story of coming out of a dark place, tell it. People want to know that others know how to get out of dark places and they are willing to follow and listen to people who have found a way out.

7. Deliver Helpful Content – Deliver content that can be applied and helpful for business building in network marketing.  Yes, your story is important but after you tell your story, you must follow up with content that can help others grow in their business.

8.  Use the Mic properly –  I have handed the microphone off to hundreds of people.  If you are given a hand-held microphone, keep the mic close enough to your mouth so your message is heard. Speak up!

Do not ramble or mumble!

I also have seen several people gesture with their microphones (taking it away from their mouths while they are still talking).   Keep the mic up to your mouth so others can hear. If you are in a smaller space, do not point your microphone to the speaker/amplifiers or stand in front of them or you will get feedback.

Also,  if you are using a headset mic be sure to wear something the sound man can have access to.  A two piece outfit is better than a tight dress with nothing to latch onto. You do not want the sound man to have to dig through the back of your bra in order to hook the headset cord 0n to an anchor otherwise known as your bra or spanx.

9.  Stay positive – Do not provide cringe worthy content.   When speakers get too negative or start talking to the audience in a condescending tone, this does not bode well for your future on stage.  Make your audience your best friend.  Show love! Speak life into them! Encourage them!  Show humility and avoid coming across as arrogant.   Remember, there are people you are speaking to that have surpassed your success or are on their way to surpassing that success. Stand out by showing integrity and make it obvious why you deserve a position in the spotlight! This doesn’t happen by making negative jokes or derogatory comments about other people or companies.

10. Be a Brand Ambassador – Help your company and local associates by promoting your brand well. Think of yourself as a brand ambassador. Know the products, use or consume the products. Speak confidently about the company and products and do not engage in side conversations that are negative or disrespectful to the company.  Edify other leaders, your team and the founders of your company. Show respect!


At the end of the day,  when you build a business in network marketing it is essential to share tips and coach your team. This means that it is inevitable that you will lead your team and stand center stage to coach them.   I have many friends that are serious introverts that had no desire to be onstage but still will take center stage to coach their team even in more intimate settings.  Your goal however should not be to seek the limelight but to serve others and continue to work and build your business day to day when there is no spotlight on you.

Build your business! Build your business! Build your business!

When you do take the stage be prepared and professional, but remember that you are blessed to have a team to coach.  Keep perspective! It is an honor to be able to take the mic and share your story. Do not take it for granted and do not abuse the privilege….at the end of the day it isn’t about you anyway! It’s about serving others!

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