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I am the mother of 8 kids and a business owner of a lucrative work-at-home business. For the past 3 years since making the decision to trade my blazers and pencil skirts for yoga pants and sneakers, I have learned first hand of the advantages of having a work-at-home job in the area of direct sales/network marketing.

I get to partner with a diverse team of thousands of business women who are grateful to have opted out of the cubicles and corner offices (with a view) only to have discovered the benefits of time and spatial freedom.

I wanted to share some facts about being a business owner in the direct sales industry that many of my friends were surprised to discover once they made the decision to partner with me.

Work From Home Moms
Women in Direct Sales

Here are your TOP 10 WORK-AT-HOME JOB FACTS FOR WOMEN IN DIRECT SALES and NETWORK MARKETING: (Based on 2015 DSA RESEARCH) *note: these are numbers for the US alone not global numbers

  1. US direct sales/network marketing sales were $36.12 Billion in 2015.

  2. 77.4% of the direct sales/network marketing workforce are women.

  3. In 2015, direct sales work-at-home US women were responsible for over $28billion in sales.

  4. 70% of those sales were person to person (phone conversations, coffee, social media, texts)

  5. Only 20% of Direct Sales take place in a ‘home party’ setting

  6. The Health and Wellness Industry is the top segment and growth is steady and expected to increase.

  7. Women who work-from-home in direct sales own their own business claim to be less stressed.

  8. According to the US CENSUS bureau 82% of women earning 100k or more earn it through direct sales.

  9. The direct sales/network marketing industry increases by 600k new associates each year.

10. Home-based businesses report a 90% success rate, compared to a 5% success rate for traditional small businesses like retail stores and restaurants.

This facebook status of mine expresses my enthusiasm with the business model of network-marketing and the advantages for moms.

❤️I cannot emphasize how much we are blessed to be living in this digital age.❤️ I am an executive working in sweats.❤️ I work out daily❤️ I grocery shop and prepare meals for my family❤️ But please don’t be deceived in believing that women like myself (and there are millions of us throughout the world) are not making major impact on business, sales and brands globally. ❤️ I have a team of thousands of moms/women who have adopted, battled human trafficking, advocated for battered women, made changes in immigration laws❤️ while changing diapers, gluing glitter on kindergarten projects while communicating with people all over the world from their smartphones and laptops. They are getting attention and sales for their brands while taking a selfie and posting it on instagram. Like I said in my meme (above) … “Business women have evolved. We build our empire in carpool lines rather than corporate offices. We are powerful in negotiating millions of dollars in sales with a smart phone and well placed selfie. We are changing the actual world while dominating the virtual one” and I don’t even own a blazer anymore…We are a force! And if anyone out there wants to trade their blazer, office hours and pencil skirt for yoga pants and a cell phone…please connect with me…I’m still building an empire and excited to help more creative types like myself be free…

If you have long considered pursuing a business in network marketing/direct sales but haven’t had the courage to take the leap, now is an excellent time to start as more and more women are opting for financial and time freedom…

You will love it!

We would love to have you consider partnering with us and joining our team of ‘healthy and prosperous forever families’ working from home.  For more information on how to start click here