SKEPTICAL OF NETWORK MARKETING? 10 Reasons Former Skeptics are Now in the Business!

Is mlm a scam
Is multi-level marketing a scam

I had decided to get my real estate license.  I passed the exam the first time and then was told to go to get some ‘motivational training.’  I had been a musician for years and really only went into real estate for some extra cash and financial stability. Everything is relative…

I put on a suit that didn’t suit me and attended the training.  I sat at a desk with a man in a suit across the desk who gave me several tips on ‘manipulating the sale.’  One tip was to hand the person the designer pen in my hand and have the customer sign the contract by saying, “so we are almost done..” hand the customer the pen “just sign here.”   There was a skill to getting the person to sign even before they were able to think.

mlm scams
is multi-level marketing a scam


The man with the pen training turned me off from real estate as well as most other commission based businesses.  This included Network Marketing. I could hardly ever find a pen in my purse let alone a designer pen.  I preferred the conversational-connecting style over the ‘hard sell’ approach.

I did go into sales for myself, promoting a live NYC orchestra.  I also sang and was the leader of the band.  I didn’t really see it as ‘selling.’  I did not use any of the ‘pen man’ techniques in manipulating or brainwashing a person into a sale. In fact,  I sold enough entertainment in New York for  other sales people to wonder what I was doing.  I was only having conversations and not pressuring.

But the pen training made me skeptical to an entire industry known as Network Marketing and Direct Sales for years.


Fast forward,  I am now a successful Network Marketer and converted skeptic that now loves this business model. But it took years of erasing the ‘pen training’ experience from my mind to get me to say ‘yes’ to the greatest financial blessing of my life.

I am very aware that there continues to be skeptics out there who have every right to be turned off to an industry that was historically misrepresented by salesmen selling low quality products that didn’t live up to the claims their were making.  The truth is that the industry of network marketing is a legitimate business model that  can be lucrative to many families who are just looking for a fulfilling business they can operate from home.

I had an opportunity to ask several former skeptics who are now business owners in Network Marketing  what the top reasons were for their being converted advocates.

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1. Product Focused  – many previous skeptics were converted to start a network marketing business due to a positive product experience.

    2. Leading with Love – I know this sounds corny but when leaders have more of an attitude of listening and caring about the people they bring into the business as customers,  business builders will also emerge.  When there is no pressure to ‘get’ people but rather to serve others, amazing things happen.

Is Multi-level Marketing Good For Families
Is Network Marketing Family Friendly


3. VISION/Contribution – A few of our skeptics had specifically mentioned how aligning with a company with big vision to give back globally was a game-changer. Skeptics  believed some companies in the industry  were focused only on the money rather than contribution.  They believed companies more focused on the bottom line would  therefore, not be as considerate and magnanimous to their distributors. Having a global mission and charitable affiliation were traits these converts valued and helped to dispel the image of network marketing being a scam.

4.  Culture – Skeptics that had some exposure to Network Marketing in the past, were turned off to organizations that deified their top earners and separated these leaders from new associates.   They also hated the competitive nature between distributors in the same organization who were on other teams.  Companies with a culture that was less exclusive and more inclusive became more attractive to potential partners.   More companies these days are encouraging associates from different teams to serve each other rather than compete.

Families and Network Marketing
Is Network Marketing a Good Online Business

5. Family – Companies with a value of placing families first seem to attract skeptics who didn’t appreciate the perception of Network Marketing Companies that required their associates to be out every night outside of the house leading launch parties. These days many companies have top leaders building business via smart phones or having online presentations in the comforts of their own homes. An emphasis on the value of family time is very attractive to former skeptics to the industry.

6. Industry Growth – According to the Direct Sales Association, more than 20 million people (20.2) were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2015, with estimated retail sales reaching $36.12 billion, a 4.8% increase from 2014.  People formerly reluctant to enter Network Marketing , have found the trends encouraging and have opted into taking a more serious look at the industry after witnessing more acceptance toward the industry.

7. Innovation –  as technology has advanced and more and more people are able to grow their businesses using social media, more and more former skeptics are enjoying the benefits of earning sales and commissions utilizing online sales strategies such as attraction marketing or recruiting via social media recruiting.  More and more corporations have been allowing employees to tele-commute and also work online.  For people wanting to make more money from home, network marketing has proven to be a potentially lucrative and automated way to earn commissions without punching a clock.

8. Security – People are looking for additional streams of income.   The advantages of Network Marketing and additional income past retirement has become very appealing.  College students, college graduates, drop-outs, stay-at-home moms, retirees, people in corporate America, realtors, doctors….people from all walks of life are seeing the advantages of building income outside of (and in addition to) traditional means.

9.Leadership – Top leaders in business from Robert Kiyosaki to Bill Gates have endorsed Network Marketing.  The industry has developed into a more acceptable and respected industry.

10. Social Proof – Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Network Marketing is becoming more acceptable at this point and companies are developing multiple 6 and 7 figure income earners.  The company I am with has developed over 212 millionaires since 2002.  Skeptics are witnessing real people earning real commission checks.

While we still come into contact with quite a bit of skepticism regarding the industry, with the anti-pyramid legislation that is being presented and the respect and the legitimacy of the industry being validated, we are seeing more and more skeptics coming into the industry and building successful work-at-home businesses.

I was a former skeptic and former skeptics almost always make excellent business builders once they are able to vet the industry and companies they are interested in partnering with.

 I am now an industry millionaire and was given a silver pen as one of the gifts in attaining that goal. That pen sits on a shelf in my home. I am afraid it will get lost along with most of the pens I tend to lose when I’m out running errands.  I still don’t use that pen trick…


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