How To Identify A Winning Network Marketing Company!

When I was trying to make a decision into what Network Marketing company to chose as a viable investment into my future, I was clueless.  I knew that I was someone who was driven by passion so I needed to work with a company and product line that I was passionate about. But I needed a formula to follow that would help me to evaluate potential in the companies I was looking at?

When you are looking for a work-at-home business in Network Marketing, it is important to consider these 5 points before taking a blind leap into investing in your future business.


How long has the company been around?

If the company is relatively new you may be taking a risk.

Does the company have a great reputation, or are there mixed reviews?

Have you been able to speak to the associate base?

Is the culture compatible with your values?

I was looking for a company that valued family.

I also hated companies where the top leaders were not accessible to other associates in the field.

 I was looking for a less sales driven company and a more  customer focused company who valued family.

Explore your values as well as your expectations in corporate culture.

 Also, make sure the leadership team is experienced and has a track record of success in bringing companies into momentum.  Have the corporate leaders been in the field as successful distributors?  Is the company willing to shift and change strategies to adjust to changes in society.

Does the company train its sales force?  Are they offering tools and a website for their distributors? Do they encourage or discourage recruiting via social media?  Is the company technologically up to date or operating with strategies and systems from 20 years ago?


2. Products

Are the products appealing to a wide demographic of the public? Or are they limited.

 If they aren’t consumable are they something a wide range of the population would purchase?

I was looking for a consumable product line with with no compromise ingredients that would be reordered monthly.

Consider the demand for your products and the potential for continued reorders with one customer.

If the product line consists of a small amount of products,  will those products be able to be repurchased monthly by your new customer?

3. Timing

Are you entering this company during a time where there is expansion or is the company struggling?

Look at the growth.

Is the company growing or are you entering the company during a time where the company is in decline?

4. Trends

Is the product you have chosen appealing to the demand of the times.  The product line should be something people are seeking to buy. In addition, are the products a solution for a common problem seen in the culture at the time.



5. Compensation

Are people in the company getting paid?

Is the company creating 6 and 7 figure income earners?

 Is the compensation plan a multi-level compensation plan or an unlimited depth compensation plan?

Are there generational restrictions and flushing out of volume?

Or are you capable of keeping the volume you have accumulated every month?

How often is the company paying its distributors?  Is it monthly, weekly?  The company I am with pays daily pay, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Make sure that the compensation plan is going to pay out and that your efforts will be rewarded?

I’ve been able to build a beautiful team of leaders who are passionate about helping to transform lives globally.

But without the support and innovation of our company both in products and compensation,  we would be struggling rather than thriving.

Network Marketing offers us an opportunity to have time freedom and financial freedom but working from home can also be a struggle if you are working for a company that isn’t making your financial success a priority.

Be wise and look at these 5 points above before diving into a commitment with a company.

If these points check off as a positive use your instincts and take a leap…most reputable companies offer a refund or cancellation of your account if you need to redirect.

But go into the business with a positive attitude and a determined mindset and you could be starting the most exciting business adventure of your life.

Deanna is an industry millionaire and proud mom of 8 children. To find out more about partnering with Deanna and her team, click here.