I am all over the place.

I have spent most of my life unscheduled without time-mapping or a written planner.

Clearly, this has been a problem for me.

In the past few years I have sat through many meetings with coaches trying their best to teach me planning techniques to better organize my work-at-home hours in the midst of my chaotic life as a mom of 7 kids.

There is much value placed on the area of planning. Meal Planning, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Family Planning….. I get it.

In these exercises of trying to FIT into becoming a PLANNER, I realized I needed to schedule in more time to be a free-spirit within my time-mapping.

 Three days a week my schedule looks a little like this:

  • 7:30 Get up and greet kids for the day getting them ready for school
  • 8:00  Breakfast Protein Shake/Vitamins and Meditation
  • 8:45 Exercise
  • 9:45-10:15 Shower
  • 10-1:30 Full out RECRUITING via social media or face to face looking for qualified business partners
  • 2-3:30 Meetings
  • 3:30 to the rest of the night MY CALL/FREE SPIRIT TIME (kids, dinner, writing, more meetings or fun..)

I have two more days with a slightly alternate schedule and 2 days of NO SCHEDULING at all.

There’s my compromise. I schedule alot of FREE TIME. Some days I don’t schedule or plan at all….

SO,  here’s my philosophy.  It is important that  we should make good use of our time but I also walk by the spirit and acknowledge the eternal benefit of ‘unplanning’ my life. In other words, if we have a deficiency in planning we need to learn how to make better use of our time, but if we over-schedule and over-plan sometimes we miss out on the benefits of unplanned surprises.


My life was blessed by several unplanned pregnancies that eventually turned into unplanned adoptions.  My daughter Matéa was born to a 14 year-old woman  in Guatemala.  My life was going along quite well and was very scheduled and predictable when baby Matéa came into our world.  Adoption became a calling and my days became incredibly unplanned as God directed us to adopt and led us on the most amazing mission of our lives.

Around that same time, my son Alec was born in the Ukraine to a woman who left him at a hospital two days after birth. 5 years later during a very rough financial time for us we took the leap to adopt him out of his orphanage at the age of 5 1/2. These unplanned adoptions were not mapped out in my schedule and didn’t seem to be the most practical move at the time. But Alec’s adoption created major financial breakthrough for us after we started our work-at-home business as a means to bring him better nutrition. Fast-forward 3 and 1/2 years and we earned a million dollars from that UNPLANNED and UNSCHEDULED call…

In 2011, I witnessed my friend Carolyn get the call to adopt her baby Sofia.  This unplanned adoption happened within weeks of first finding out about the baby. Carolyn already had 13 children at the time but recognized that sometimes the greatest gifts come from unexpected and unplanned situations.  Following that she partnered with me in creating our team Adoptagenix to help create ‘healthy and prosperous forever families’ as a means to find better nutrition for her family as well. She has been blessed from her willingness to ‘un-plan’ her life.


So, how planned are you? Are you balanced? Are you willing to embrace the miracle or the opportunity when it presents itself?  Will you deviate from your planner and your long-term goals to embrace a better plan that perhaps you didn’t see coming?  In business or in life, be expectant of the unexpected gifts that may come during a very inconvenient time for you.  Keep your eyes open to moments in the pockets, spaces and lines between breakfast and recruiting that may open the door to the greatest breakthrough of your life.  

BE BALANCED! Plan! UNPLAN….and find success!

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