A Snotty Prayer and $29 Changed My Life! (10 Points for Activating Answers to Prayers)

I sat in a car in the mall parking lot sobbing because I had hit rock bottom.  We had 7 children and no income.  We were dodging calls from banks threatening foreclosure. Seriously, in that moment in the rainy shopping center parking lot, I had no clue HOW we would find our way out.   So, I did what good christian moms do and threw out the snottiest prayer to God shouting “HELP MEEEE…” I was looking at the mall from the rainy car windshield through tears. My palms were sweating and I had no clue how I would buy the sneakers my son needed.  I budgeted $40 that we didn’t have. We were already taking donations from a food bank and our children qualified for school lunches as well as Medicaid.


“Dear God, save us! If not for me then for my children. Scour the universe for an opportunity for us to continue to minister for you. Lord all we want is to  be able to provide generously for our family and others. And Oh…also…make it fast…” (there was so much more that I said).

I pulled myself together. Bought the shoes and stressed my way through the day like I had grown accustomed to.  About 24 hours later, my friend told me about a way to order quality super foods wholesale. Oh and by the way,  there is a way to get your products paid for and even make money when you share with your friends.   My first thought was…”OH NO! I’m not JOINING something NOW at the worst financial point of my life.”  Then I remembered the snotty prayer and looked at the foods. My family desperately needed the amazing nutrition. What if this was an answer to that snotty prayer?  WHAT IF?  I knew the products were refundable so I held my breath and made the investment by borrowing money.  I said yes…I paid $29 and bought some foods wholesale.   That one decision and investment of $29 plus groceries changed my life.   Right now I am blogging at a Panera 5 miles from Disneyworld where we moved our family after building a major team of adoptive families who also needed great health and post adoption financial options.  We have annual passes into Diseny. My children have a playground overlooking Cinderella’s castle and play in a place with a repetitive message about dreams coming true. We have plenty of sneakers and many sunny days.

Today, I want to share my best 10 points for people who have snotty prayers in parking lots (or in closets, showers or other places.  This is my best advice for people asking God in prayer to “scour the universe for an opportunity or lifeline to change our circumstances for the better.”

  1.  Scroll Slower:  Those posts in your Facebook Newsfeeds that you have considered annoying by your friends who have found a solution for their own parking lot prayers may be legit. Do not just pass up the “are you ready to have your life transformed?” or “$29 free membership” posts. Read them!  That $29 free membership investment has turned into almost a million dollars for me and my family.  Granted there are no guarantees. I’ve worked hard.  But what if God sends your answer and you scroll past it on Facebook or roll your eyes?  Look for God’s answer to your prayer. It may be in your newsfeed.
  2. Suspend Skepticism:  Never in a million years would I have imagined my answered prayer would come in the form of a home-based business opportunity.   Sometimes, God uses foolish things to confound the wise.
  3. Have coffee with your friend:  If someone says “you should do what I do,” sometimes they really do love you and are presenting you with something because they whole heartedly believe it would be a good fit for you. Maybe that coffee invitation is God assigning them to minister to you or deliver a gift in the form of a miracle.  Order a latte and listen.
  4. Leave no stone unturned:  if you have been praying and praying and praying. Please slow down and take a minute to open your eyes.   Continue to pray and listen to what God has to say. But don’t close your eyes to the opportunities all around you.
  5.  Partner with God:  Continue to communicate with God.  Believe that He loves you and will answer you.   When you say “yes” to the business opportunity, dedicate that business to God and work hard to make it work for you and your family.  Believe that the answer is coming and that your snotty prayer wasn’t for nothing.
  6. Look for Snotty Prayer Warriors – Prayers are answered frequently.  BELIEVE your answer is around the corner. When you find the answer share it remembering the day you sat in prayer in quiet desperation. Today there are still people calling out for answers. Be a light to someone else and bring hope to them.  Serve others.
  7. Get out of the car – I understand praying in solitude, but many times we are so shamed by our situations that we don’t share our needs with others. In hindsight, someone in my church probably would have bought us a pair of sneakers, but I was too embarrassed.   Our needs were so much more than the sneakers.  But my friend who introduced me to this opportunity knew I needed a way into financial freedom.  Share your needs with others and then listen when they offer options. DO NOT ISOLATE.
  8. SERVICE or SELLING? – believe that your friends may be wanting to serve you,  sometimes you need to make an investment at a very difficult time in order to reap the rewards.  Take away the stigma of ‘sales’ and understand that everyday we buy stuff or are being sold things.   But sometimes the things we buy greatly benefit our lives and serve us.
  9. Expect a suddenly miracle – we had been eating donated food that had been rejected from food banks. One day that food was no longer available to the person that had been giving it to us.  When the food pantry well ran dry (which was right after the prayer),  I said “well then God is going to have to bring us something else.” That is when everything turned around.
  10. Invest in yourself and others –  I know that it seems counter intuitive to invest in yourself when you are crying out because you have no money, but ironically one of the best things you can do is to invest something in yourself in the area of wellness or mindset. When you shift into an area of health physically and mentally, everything else will fall into place.   Cry the snotty prayer and do something awesome for yourself.  $29 and some yummy foods was the secret sauce for my breakthrough.

After you have prayed that snotty prayer keep your eyes, ears and mind open and know that there are solutions all around you. BUT you have to be willing to move out of the car and drive out of the rainy and stormy parking lot. Dry your tears and partner with God for a major change in your life.

You are infinitely worthy of the miracle! God loves you! Be real! Be honest and cruise into your future. Drive out into a whole new set of wheels where you will be turning on the praise music, joyously filled with  the realizations that snotty prayers are often answered immediately. And in unexpected and unusual $29 wholesale membership boxes.