10 Reasons Why Moms Love Snapchat!

This Mama has totally Snapped! I tried to stay away from Snapchat because my kids had warned me that it was dominated by teenagers. My own teens were not very active on Snapchat. I preferred to stay away because I assumed it would be a waste of my time.

I started using social media in 2005. Since then, I have blogged, vlogged, tweeted, posted, pinned, scoped, live streamed, photo filtered and selfiedas a way to connect, advocate, network and even build a thriving work-from-home business. Let’s be honest, Moms are quite active on social media. We love to talk! We love community! We share our favorite recipes, best tips and recent purchases. We have become experts in the areas of social media by our natural networking skills and our ability to multitask. The smart phone is a constant appendage to some of us.

I have 7 children. My teens have started snapping more frequently. I became mesmerized by playing with their filters and phones. Two months ago, I couldn’t help myself and took the dive. I can only say that I have never ever experienced a social media app that I am more addicted to. Snapchat is the equivalent of a social media drug. I’m hooked. Snapchat is the happiest app around with its cute filters, emojis and frequent updates. You try it once and can’t stop.


Here are my Top 10 Reasons Why I love Snapchat and Why Other Moms Will Too:

1. Efficient — Snapchat has 10 second video clips. If you have ever thought about having a YouTube channel to spotlight your family but don’t have the time to edit your videos, Snapchat is a great alternative. You create a ‘story’ everyday that runs for 24 hours(you can download the clips and story too if you want to keep them for vlogging or uploading on other social media sites). I have had a YouTube channel since 2009 but due to the amount of time spent producing those videos, my daily vlogs have become less frequent. Snapchat allows me to continue to record clips of my family and make them available to an audience daily without having to spend hours at night editing. I can also take one picture on Snapchat, download and repost it to Instagram and Facebook. Moms want to make the most of their time but we also want to stay up to date with their social media. The efficiency of Snapchat is a huge positive.

2. Texting and Video Chat — You can videochat, text and send snaps directly to your family/friends all from the same social media app. I really love being able to keep everything in the same app. Snapchat has made the chatting aspect so much easier. You can save those chats too by placing your finger down on the chat to save. I don’t have to bounce around to FaceTime, Messenger, WeChat, Skype as frequently. It can all be done on Snapchat.

3. BabyCam — If you have a babysitter with a Snapchat account (I would insist), you can ask the sitter to send you clips frequently of the baby and their activities so you can watch what is going on. The sitter can even video snap questions about bottle feeding/diaper rash. It is a great app for a new mom wanting to have frequent updates on the baby while going out with friends or on the rare date with your husband.

4. Kid’s events — If you have to miss parties, concerts, or ball games and have your friends on Snapchat, you can get a birdseye view of the day and activities and not miss out on what is going on in the lives of your children. My husband can snap the first hit from a t-ball game or the candles being blown out on a birthday cake, in the event we have scheduling conflicts.

5. Teachers — My son’s third grade teacher has sent me updates during the day of my child. She has even snapped some of the homework for us to see. I can take a screenshot and have it available for me to review the homework for the day. I have even received pictures from field trips that I wasn’t able to chaperone. Snapchat is a great tool for teachers to be able to communicate with parents.

6. Clip Coupons– Follow your favorite stores and save screen shots of coupons of your favorite items.

7. Interactive for the family –In spite of the reputation of Snapchat being an app more appropriate for teenagers, this app is really fun for the entire family. I have spent many hours on the couch with the kids playing with the photo filters or emojis. The filters are so silly and mesmerizing that you will wish you could wear the virtual glitter eye shadow and pink lipstick in real life.

8. Extra Income– If you are a work-at-home mom, or entrepreneur Snapchat has huge potential in building a network of clients, customers or business builders. It is a great way to spotlight your products. Create coupons and promote services and products you love.

9. Friends’ stories — I love being able to keep up with the day to day happenings in the lives of my friends but in real time. There is something about seeing real life video clips of your friends which feels more intimate.

10. Organizing Contacts — There is a feature where you can rename the people you are following. I took the advice of a friend and use emoji’s to categorize my friends so I can filter which stories I will be watching at a given time. I even place emojis for my kids accounts so I can search and prioritize watching my older kids snaps when they are away from home (they are aware that I am watching…that’s a good thing).

So, this Mama has snapped for snapchat. If you are a mom, it is time to grab the app and join in on the fun. You will love it and want to get your friends to join you ASAP.

Snap with me… http://www.snapchat.com/add/deannafalchook