RAW AND REAL (Cory, Tracy and Deanna)

So what does being RAW AND REAL look like?   What does it mean to live an authentic life?  Many of us spend our time covering up the messes that actually make us the most beautiful. Ironically, revealing the scars gained during our darkest moments and sharing the lessons learned in trying to maneuver our way out of darkness, oftentimes can reveal the most brilliance.

Cory Kinnear
Cory Kinnear

I have some #rawandreal friends. Both of my sassy #heartline sisters share their blondness and irishness with me.  They are NY and Chicago.  I was born around Chicago and lived for years in NY.  I love the powerful, direct, yet compassionate spirit of both Cory Kinnear and Tracy O’Malley.  I could  write chapters on these women but for the sake of this post,  I will just say that they are the ‘real deal’ and ‘beyond description.’  I will be dedicating individual posts for them at another time for sure.

When you get older you sometimes fail to think of the necessity of making new friends.  Oftentimes, you simply fall back into the belief that your ‘real’ friends are people you have long standing history with and that nothing can come close to those friendships.  These two women are my #rawandreal #heartline friends.  They have far exceeded my expectations for friendship. I trust them. I am my raw and real self with them.  When I see them,  I literally get butterflies that I thought had left me when I was 13 years old. These are the types of butterflies that I felt when I had something fun to share with my girlfriend’s in 7th grade (okay call me immature). We have only known each other for less that 3 years and yet these women are the answers to the prayers that I  prayed when I was alone during some rough days. Ironically, I believe that at the same time I was questioning whether I should get up in the morning, they were also curled up somewhere praying  for the laughter they needed, the peace in being accepted that they needed and the unconditional love they would get from friends who had ‘been there’.  Between the three of us, we have experienced divorce, alcoholism, loss of income, loss of friendship,  near homelessness, break ups, foreclosures, bankruptcies, near suicide, health scares, death of loved ones, and miraculous turnaround into what can only be described as abundant miracles.

Deanna Falchook

We are all moms.  Our children can be described as dyslexic, autistic, HIV infected, AIDS Orphaned,  Obsessive compulsive, ADD and extremely exceptionally perfect. Life is raw.  There are messes.  There are real problems in this crazy life journey.  But there are also solutions and guides (our friends) in life who have found a way off of a rugged road onto smoother paths.  The greatest lesson learned on the way to this abundant ‘rags to riches’ miracle has been that it is essential to lock arms with some raw and real friends on the journey.  The success is sweeter with #heartline friends who have lived on the rocky muddy paths and survived. I am so happy that the truth of my #rawandreal past doesn’t have to be the thing that disqualifies me from the trophy room.  What I have learned is that we are qualified because of it.  To be ‘chick flick corny’, I praise God for the broken road that led me to these blonde chicks.  I can’t wait to see what shoes they will be wearing with me when they expose the dirty truth that will free other #rawandreal moms, dads, students, professional women, nurses, musicians, doctors, waitresses, cleaning ladies (and the list goes on) who have been praying snotty prayers, curled up sobbing, anesthetizing, sanitizing,  and covering up the messes that will be revealed when we tear down the veil during our raw and real tour.  I cannot WAIT!!!!

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