It is official.

I am an ordained Apostolic Minister.

God always over delivers.

Do not be confused in thinking that business cannot possibly be a ministry.  I have been in marketplace ministry for about 4 years now.  I entered into this business (ministry) by total accident.

It was however,  a clear assignment from the Holy Spirit.

In 2013, I sat in a mall parking lot and cried out of total desperation from not being able to afford a pair of sneakers for my son.  My family was financially struggling.   The kids qualified for school lunches.  The kids were on Medicaid and we needed breakthrough.

After that snotty prayer, my life changed (read more about it here).

There are now tens of thousands of people in my business.  My clear assignment at the time was to help create ‘healthy and prosperous forever families.’

The Lord also told me that I was to help created 100 ORPHAN LOVING MILLIONAIRES.


We have created 2 in 3.5 years and have several 6 figure income earners.

Many of these people are Moms and Families with adopted children. We also have people from all walks of life in this team.

Yesterday I was officially ordained into ministry.

I have a confession for the business people on my blog.

In case you didn’t know, I am a Spirit-Filled, ‘sold out for Jesus’, Christian.  And now I have officially been SENT into Apostolic ministry.

This year the Lord is building my business at an accelerated pace.

He is bringing in people to partner with me that have a passion for wellness and nutrition.

He is bringing freedom to more families to be in ministry full time.

I will help create at least 100 Orphan Loving Millionaires because it was God’s idea.


A year ago, I started internalizing an idea to officially be ordained, but I did not want to be one of those people who buys an ordination certificate online.  I was indeed being refined into ministry by the Lord. The process had been several years.  I knew that I was advancing into official ministry but was not aligned at the time with ‘church’ leadership.  I also was busy with my ministry. This ordination idea was also just a thought that would pop into my focus every now and then. I didn’t give it much thought. But the idea started happening more often.

When we were moving to Florida in March of 2015, friends asked me WHY.  I would jokingly say “God is sending me to minister to DISNEY.”  I knew we were being sent, but I also found it funny that we were being sent to such a FUN place.  In arriving here, I had expectations of immediately aligning with like minded spiritual brothers and sisters. It hasn’t been easy.  But I did find them in different churches, in the community, in Bible Study eventually.  But it wasn’t until I had a divine introduction with a couple in CHAMPIONS GATE that I felt I had found my spiritual family.

Meeting Ken Malone happened supernaturally.  I was at a wedding for a friend in Tennessee.  I was praying with some intense intercessors.  I expressed some visions the Lord had given me about my family tree and America.  I also shared my frustration in not connecting with a community of intercessors in Florida. My friend Alicia told me about an amazing couple who lived in the town next to me.  She also confirmed so much of my vision by introducing me to a book written by Dutch Sheets.

In the past year, my husband and I have become dear friends with Ken and Cheryl Malone.

About a month ago, Ken asked if I was ready to be ordained.  I said “yes”.

The Holy Spirit is alive and ministry can happen in the marketplace.  Faith is very evident and essential in business building.   I am grateful that I am here ministering to my team and the people here at Disney…but I am constantly reminded that it is not by might, not by power but by the Spirit (Zechariah 4:8).   The Holy Spirit is Alive and I am glad to have my alignment and assignment in delivering the financial blessings of Heaven to my friends, family and new business partners.

Make no mistake, my success is impossible without the LIVING BREATHING GOD!