As a Network Marketer, I have found great success by using social media. But any new social marketer interested in truly building a business must know how to have a conversation.

You will be a more balanced and happy leader if you connect with ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS..

The thing is that this has to become a regular practice and become second nature. Do I believe that business will be built faster and more numerous via social media, funnels etc… yes. But Network Marketing also is nuanced in the sense that we are building teams and communities, so it is relevant to develop face-to-face network skills.

People need to see your face and energy. You need to become better at converting actual conversations into leads so GET OUT AND NETWORK! AND MAKE IT A FUN ROUTINE. Learn to enjoy connecting with people on a day to day basis.

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1.        Get out everyday w the intention of getting three – 5 numbers/messenger info.  

2.        Try to look good… sounds funny but trust me it’s so much easier for me to get numbers when I look good.

3.        Know your ideal type of customer/business partner.

4.        Posture and positive energy – wake up, pray, affirm, meditate

5.        Start a conversation w authentic compliment/don’t be fake.

6.        LINGER A LITTLE – Get to places early n stay later to gain contacts (too many people are in a hurry)

7.        USE Meetup…eventbrite …to find local ways to meet people!

8.        Ask questions…FORM (From, Occupation, Recreation Money).

9.        Hot trending and relevant key words in conversations: I use #gigeconomy, plans for recession , #sidehustle, extra money, money while you sleep, #intermittentfasting, #ketosis, forerunner in fasting, high tech nutrition… always the leader in nutritional innovation … fasting since 2002, cleansing, #adaptogens, #FREETRAINING and amazing community of people just like you because these are relevant to my business

10.     Ask permission to connect via phone/text or social: ‘This may or may not be for you, but I think you would find our (and then fill in the blank -research, compensation plan, sports nutrition, family nutrition, telomeres support) fascinating and I would like to share it with you. Let’s connect on FB/INST/LI or phone (pick one – I usually get phone and then one social connect)

11.     Referrals…this may not be for u but if u know anybody…

12.     Consistency – use the same phrases and tell the same stories to articulate the benefits of your products and business.

Hope this helps.

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Deanna Falchook is a network marketer and mompreneur of 7 kids (5 adopted internationally). She has built a large team of virtual wellness franchisees in her wellness company of families in the mission field, adoption, ministry, orphan care and more. She has been named Woman of the Year, Top Rank Advancement Top Leader, Millionaire in Action and 7 Figure Income Earner in her Network Marketing company. She says she is in this business because God has called her to create 100 millionaires in her team. She is looking for quailified business partners who love Jesus, will pray for their teams, don’t gossip and are as comfortable in a hut in Ethiopia as they are at the 4 Seasons. Deanna sets up weekly appointments with those interested in building a business here…. or you can email