I’ve decided to launch an unusual leadership series for those of us who love stories of leaders who make their way to success after great adversity. I am calling the series and upcoming book THE CINDERELLA MINDSET-HOW TO CREATE YOUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

New Cinderella Leadership Series for Entrepreneurs and Online Marketers

Cinderella is an unlikely CEO. But she has been an iconic role model since Charles Perrault penned the fairy tale in the late 1600s. The relevance of the Cinderella story continues to make an impact 100’s of years since it’s inception.

As a young girl, I grew up most familiar with the animated musical fantasy by Walt Disney. At first glance, Cinderella appears so feminine that she looks frail and ‘kind’ to a fault. But investigate further, and it is easy to see that there are several leadership lessons discovered in this beloved fairy tale.


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    Here are the Top 10 Qualities that Make Cinderella a Great Leader.

    1. Kindness: Cinderella is Kind— The most famous Cinderella quote is, “Have Courage and Be Kind.

    There is a lot to be said about the benefits of being a compassionate and loving leader. Love is an emotion that is sometimes viewed as a disadvantage in business. But if we think of ‘LOVE’ as a verb, we see that Cinderella’s kind, compassionate character and ability to take action to serve others is what makes her capable of being a stand out to Prince Charming. Her kind and loving nature will endear the people of the Kingdom to her. 

    2. Hard Working: Cinderella is Hard Working. Cinderella serves her ugly stepsisters and stepmother by cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, and even fixing their hair. Cinderella would make an excellent business builder or entrepreneur. Her consistency and focused work ethic to achieve goals are traits found in strong leaders.

    3. Talented: Cinderella is multi-talented. She sings, dances, sews, can talk to animals and even start fires. Many leaders rely on their talents and wear many hats to get their businesses off the ground. Cinderella can step into the position of many different roles due to her abilities.

    4. Resourceful: Cinderella made a Ball gown out of an old dress of her mother’s. When the Fairy Godmother comes, she turns Cinderella’s friends into a team. We see the Godmother turn Lizards into footmen, mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage. Great leaders need to be able to call upon supernatural favor and utilize the resources at hand to be able to create a vehicle that takes them to their goals.

    5. Visionary: Cinderella endured great tragedy in her life, but she kept the faith, believing she would rise above her current circumstances. Great leaders need to keep the faith even when their team has given up, and things look dire.

    6. Determined: Cinderella wanted to attend the Ball. She believed she was worthy of an invitation. Cinderella saw the upcoming royal Ball as a way to get out of her current position as Cinder-girl and servant. She did not believe she received an invitation and was discouraged. Her stepsisters called her ‘dirty.’ In spite of her current situation, Cinderella was determined to go to the Ball. That determination and bold move to get to the Ball is what changed her life for the better. Leaders need to defy the impossible and say ‘yes’ when others say no.

    7. Favor: Cinderella had favor on her life. She was destined to be the Princess. Great leaders have a supernatural force behind their success that often is inexplicable. The Cinderella Story highlights the power of having divine favor on your life.

    8. Forgiving: The fairy tale tells us that Cinderella not only forgave her stepsisters but she brought them to the castle and married them off to wealthy Lords. Great leaders know how to get rid of negativity, and unforgiveness in their lives in order to show grace to others and rise above revenge.

    9. Courage: Cinderella lost everything and lived and served in an abusive environment. Cinderella rose above her awful situation and was brave during a time of grief and loss and believed it would turn around. Great leaders endure and use the lessons learned in their ‘valley’ years to elevate them to the top of the mountain. They are willing to ‘tough’ it out.

    10. Qualified: Cinderella is qualified. Cinderella’s circumstances refined her and turned her into being the perfect Bride for the Prince. Had she not spent the time in the ashes, she never would be as fully equipped to serve and work as a future Queen. Great leaders are qualified due to years of experience (sometimes in low places) but ascend with unique wisdom garnered from their past.

    There are many more qualities that we will be discussing regarding Cinderella in our upcoming series THE CINDERELLA MINDSET — HOW TO CREATE YOUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER leadership training. We would love for you to join us for this series where we will explore what qualities make Cinderella an excellent leadership role model. Sign up for updates here.